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I read a lot. Actually, that is an understatement. I read an exponential amount. I cannot get enough of books. and I don't stick to a specific genre. I change it up from time to time. I love Clive Clussler and Nicholas Sparks. Yet I yearn for historic knowledge so I am a huge fan of David McCullough  I love the mindless entertainment that is Jennifer Weiner. I will read something by James Patterson and then be freaked out and read a Karen Kingsbury book.

I have been having lots and lots of questions asking for recommendations on books I enjoy. I have decided every month I will throw out 5 new ones. Some may be more recently released and some may be older and you'll have to search the library or Amazon.

and keep in mind what I love in a book may be completely different than what floats your fancy(or boat;). To me a good book has the ability to make me laugh and cry and when it's over, if a book really captures me and I find it completely enthralling...I am always a little sad that it's over and I find myself wondering how "their lives" are carrying on. Just keep in mind, if you think in order to be a good book, it has to have a happy, fairy tale ending...then we differ in what makes a book "good" I like ones that make me think. and even if I hate the ending and leave mad, if it is on my mind...The author succeeded and yes, since I am a girl...sometimes I desire the feel good ending too. Duh;)

I have stated many times that I am addicted to Divergent, and I have had lots of positive feedback on that one...But also keep in mind that the Host comes to the big screen in March, read it as soon as you can!
 Check out this preview.

 and these are my picks for this month

1) Uglies

2) Garden Spells

3) Twenties Girl

4) John Adams

5) The Senator's Wife
Synopsis here

Hope you enjoy these as much as I have!


  1. I loved the Uglies and pretties books! Twenties Girl is another favorite of mine I love all Sophie Kinsella's books.

  2. Ooooo thanks for posting this! I'm thinking John Adams! :)

  3. New follower here!! I was searching around for some good books. I just finished A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks and got Emily Giffin's new book for Christmas. I'll have to Pin your books on this page to remind me of some good reads! THanks!! :)

  4. I got a big smile out of your James Patterson/Karen Kingsbury comment!!! :) I read all different genres and will often read a book that makes me think I need to read a Karen Kingsbury-like book to make up for it. ha!


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