Liebster nomination times two

Wow...I was in the belated process of responding to a sweet nomination I got in December when I was alerted to another. I am humbled. I mainly write this blog as a journal of sorts and am always somewhat giddy to find people not only read my little ole space on the blogosphere, but enjoy it also. Rather rockin I should say...This makes three nominations. How fun.

So I am going to tell 11(more) things about myself. Not 22. I am nice enough to spare you, I will however answer all 22 questions and since I have nominated before. I will keep this open and when i stumble upon any more blogs that have less than followers that I really enjoy, I will come back to this, pump out 11 new questions and nominate them. To see my original 11 click here.

So pull up a chair, you're about to really get to know me

1) I have a new niece, my first. Born a week ago and I love me some Loretta or as I call her 'Etta
2) I rarely mingle my friends, I have specific groups and they don't always see eye to eye. I don't like drama...ergo, rarely do they intermix.
3) I watch sportscenter first thing...and last thing.
4) I consider buying a card and putting a sticker as an envelope seal to be about as crafty as I get.
5) I realize camo has a purpose and it isn't to be fashionable...but if you can rock it, you may as well.
6) I am terrible at math...however I can do percentages in seconds. Hello-Sales, people.
7) If it came down to a new handbag or a massage and a pedicure, the latter always wins
8) I love fall clothes: boots, scarves, cute hats
9) oddly enough, I hate it below 70'
10) I cannot stand text talk. If you text me the letter "u" instead of you, it makes me want to bang my head on a wall. HARD
11) I am addicted to liptons passion fruit jasmine and orange green tea.

The first award I received was from Andrea over at Mostly Happenstance...I love her blog, her hair and the flowers she had at her wedding!

Thanks so much, Andrea. I really appreciate it and my apologies for the delay!

1. Did you ever have an imaginary friend?
honestly...not that I can remember. I did have a very active imagination though and always pretended I was with "friends" but never anyone specific.
2. Coffee or Tea?
Easy!!!! Green Tea.
3. What's your favorite sport?
Oy. Ummm. OK, in the spring/summer it is baseball. In the Fall/Winter it is Football and Winter/Spring it is college basketball. I love all sports. Sorry, cannot choose one.

4. What do you fear the most? 
Someone else I love dying. I have lost way too many people and a majority had yet to see 35.

5. What's your favorite board game?
Jacks. a game someone in my town created and it's the best game you have never played!

6. Can you say the alphabet backwards?
H to the no.

7. What is your absolute favorite book? Have you read it more than once?
Again. Wow. No way I can answer this. I read on average 8 plus books a week. I love too many!

8. What is your favorite website to visit?
ESPN or Sephora. 

9. Who is your idol?
I don't have an idol. I would love to emulate my sister in law. She reeks of God's grace and mercy. All while being a rockstar;)

10. What is your favorite vacation spot?
Hmmm. Tie between Quebec City and Jekyll Island, GA

11. Are your toenails painted? If so, what color?
Had I answered these yesterday the response would have been "my left big toe" haha thank goodness I got that taken care of!!! a deep sparkly red. 
man...good questions!!! 

and for my second nomination...Sammie from A Southern Belle's Sassy Single Life. She is Southern and Sassy. Hello, this in and of itself explains how awesome she is!

1. What's your dream job?
outside the home- to own a wine/dessert bar
but mainly to one day hit the mommy jackpot.
2. Favorite Color?
 probably butter yellow.
3. What is your favorite sport?
as I said before...I love them all, each is my favorite in season.
4. Tell us about your Dream Vacation?
Traipsing all over Europe w/no constraints or plans.
5. Favorite Cereal?
Fiber one caramel delight or Fruity Pebbles. Yes, I am a grown up, I promise;)
6. What is your guilty food pleasure?
None. I never feel guilty after I eat. haha probably carbs, carbs, carbs. any and all will do!
7. High Heels or Flats?
Heels, the higher the better!!!The hubs is 6'5, I am 5'3(on a good day)
8. Do you already have your (possibly future) babies names picked out? 
after trying for 8 years they change with the time. Every name I loved became uber popular after I liked one. but for(now anyways) a girl we like Adeline Sloane or Sloane Elise and for boys we like Roman Anthony or Dean Richard. If any of you take my names...I will cut you. haha joking. humor people...
9. Why do you blog?
10. Favorite TV show(s)?
Castle, NCIS and Sportscenter
11. Where do you loooovvveeeee to shop?
the easier question would be where don't I like to shop! haha
hmmm. Sephora and ETSY

Thanks, Sammie! Fun questions. 

You ladies made me think! I really appreciate the nods. and please check these chicas out!!!


  1. Girl.. I'm all about Fruity Pebbles!! In fact, my parents were very strict when I was growing up and I was basically only allowed to have Cheerios or Corn Flakes. The only exception was every Christmas my sister and I would get boxes of our favorite "SugarBomb" Cereal wrapped up. I'm not even ashamed to admit that this still happens.. and I still get crazy stoked about it!!

  2. Ha! my husband would not let me get away with unpolished toes... he would think he's sleeping with a man. I too have a sparkly Red!! loved this post!


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