Kiss My Boots

 A few weeks ago I took the quick trip from Raleigh to the small and charming town of Wendell to check out a distillery, Oaklee Distilling and their new release; Boots Vodka Troop Strength. Their space is small but the product and equipment used in the process is of highest quality. Obviously, if you follow my blog at all then you know my love language is bourbon. I enjoy a quality vodka in a cocktail but I have rarely sipped a vodka and found myself enjoying the flavor profile. Boots changed all that and I believe it is due to many reasons but the two main ones would be this is a much higher proof vodka at 90 proof and the fact that they use a "hybrid" of sweet potatoes and corn.  Lee was so pleasant and helpful and you can tell how much love and passion is behind this spirit. In 2018 Oaklee plans to release a gin and bourbon as well. I cannot wait to try them out as I know they will be outstanding. You know I'll be the first in line when the bourbon is released!

To find out even more, check out their website that offers a more thorough backstory and information along with a video. I am really excited to bring you guys this holiday inspired cocktail and I think you will really enjoy it. Boots pairs really well with the flavors I chose but Boots will serve you well as the vodka choice for any cocktail you make!

I chose to name this fun cocktail "Kiss My Boots"

This is a simple cocktail with a twist on typical holiday variations but one that goes down easy (maybe a little too easy so watch how much you pour in grandma's cup;) I used cranberry pomegranate but if you cannot find them together. just buy them separate and use about 1 1/2 oz of each. You should be able to find pear nectar in most grocery stores. I added a little more flavor by making my ice cubes of the cranberry pomegranate juice so not to water the cocktail down as it melts.

Kiss My Boots

*Makes 2 servings

3 oz Cran/Pom juice
2 oz Pear nectar
3 oz Boots Vodka
1 oz Triple Sec
1 oz Ginger Beer

In a shaker with ice, combine the first four ingredients and shake vigorously. Fill two glasses with ice and pour the cocktails in the glass. Top each one with ginger beer and serve. You can also use Sprite if you are not a fan of the spice of ginger beer.

I *may* have enjoyed this tasty libation this while watching a Hallmark movie and wrapping presents.

Have a very Merry Christmas and I definitely recommend you purchase a bottle of Boots to ring in the New Year or even just 'survive' the holidays;)

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  1. I'm not much of a drinker but I do like martinis. This cocktail looks delish though! I love the name you gave it!


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