Sleep Is Underrated

I always think it is funny when little kids refuse to nap. The tantrums over going to bed. And I always silently laugh at them because they are unaware that the joke is all on them because one day...a nap will be all they wish for and it will evade them. Work, school and life by itself will be all up in the way. I saw this E-card and I fell in love. Because the person that created this gets me. 

I cannot confess enough the love I have had for our weather recently. It was in the 70's this past weekend. That is perfect winter weather. For spring, I will be pleased with a low of 70. I do not think this is too much to ask. 

I love Tazza Kitchen. We were in Richmond this past September and happened to be in town when they opened and they hinted at a probable Raleigh location. I then commenced stalking them on all social media outlets waiting with bated breath for the announcement and my excitement was genuine when I found out they truly were coming. 

I was beyond stoked when they sent me an email inviting us to attend their VIP night this past weekend. Where we were able to try out a majority of the menu and a few cocktails, before they were open for business and therefore on the house. I great is this whole premise. Genius and I have been privy to attend more than one of these over the years. But...seriously, if you live in Richmond or Raleigh, go and eat here! 

Speaking of emails, mine was all abuzz with unexpected news last week...including the one from the Rachael Ray show. It came completely out of left field and I had to tape the segment and have it turned in for editing in less than 36 hours. It airs today and I will talk about it more in depth later this week, but basically I had no idea my accent was as thick as it is. People always tell me that...I refused to believe it till now.

I love, love, looooove the Vintage Village in Raleigh. The whole set up is stellar and the buildings are so adorable and almost has an enchanted feel to it. All I know is that way too much of my money has been thrown at them as of late. And I see no need to stop any time soon!

I got the new Samsung galaxy 4. And I adore it. I cannot confess enough how anti-apple I am. My husband has the s5 and I hate that thing. And Siri. Do you know how many times we have ended up at the wrong place because she acted a fool? Anyways, I had my new phone and in all my love and excitement and waiting for my perfect case...I dropped it. Less than a week the two of us were united as a pair. I called to have it fixed and with insurance it was gonna be a cool $200. So me and the cracked screen are gonna be friends for a little while longer because no, not happening. I need to have her at least a month before I shell that cash out. Not to mention it is a small crack in the side so it is really only an eyesore. But still. I dropped some words my grandma would not approve of. Which may be an everyday occurrence. 

And then there is the small fact that over the weekend my blog hit 100,000 page views. I get some people get that in a few hours, but in my little world, that is a big deal. Thanks to everyone who has read and shared this little piece of my blog world over the past 2 years!

And those are all the random confessions I have for this week. Earth shattering...I know.

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What A Week

This has been one of those weeks. And it was mainly all due to snow. I am starting to think I live in the Midwest. While it is very beautiful to watch as it falls, once it is here...I am over it.  

The one cool thing is that one of our local schools made this awesome snow day video that has since gone viral.

I missed two days of work this week, both of which are unpaid. My bestie and I were scheduled to go see Book of Mormon this week and seeing as how it was basically the signs of the Apocalypse and cars were abandoned all over the road, we couldn't make it. And the DPAC still decided "the show must go on" Even though the city was declared a state of emergency. And they refused to offer refunds or exchanges to another show. Normally their customer service is way over the top. I am assuming they were just not prepared for how bad it was going to be and they just dropped the ball on the entire situation. 

People were letting them have it on their fb page. Over 200 people wrote in to complain about losing over a couple hundred dollars on tickets and it was made much worse by this one sentence they kept telling everyone. "we can't help the weather, but if you come to any of the shows and show up two hour early, your name can be entered into the lottery and you would have the option to buy tickets for the show!" And they were acting as if it was a perk. I asked if they were really going ahead with a public lottery instead of allowing season ticket holders to switch their already purchased tickets in and they didn't really have an answer other than "it's policy" So, on top of the $750 we already paid for season tickets...they wanted us to take our chance at a lottery and then pay for those seats. ummmm. no. 

And then, what threw the situation over the top is that instead of issuing any type of notice or apology on their facebook page, they took their wall down. That's right, so now no one can see any of the negative comments and you can no longer comment. Way to handle a public relations disaster by making it worse. 

And my week was not completely crappy, there were a few happies intermingled, The mister had yesterday off also and so we spent the day just hanging out. Watching tv and movies. He went to the store(as me and my southern bum know my place is not behind a wheel in these conditions) and got me lots of cold remedies. My favorite part was that he got me the lemon scented vicks. I can only assume this scent is for the sake of those around someone suffering from a cold...because I have no ability to smell. 

He also came home with fresh tuna steaks and made me his famous, well, in my house it is famous, fried sweet potatoes. I think they tasted amazing, but I was lacking in the taste bud department due to said cold, but I pretended! It definitely looked incredible.

We also got to make snow cream and I made a bourbon version. Obviously. This is by far my only reason for ever wanting snow. Although, I saw a snow margarita on another blog. Yes to the please. 

And even better, this weekend we are getting the rest of our bedroom furniture. I cannot wait. Once this happens, I feel that I may actually have some sense of organization! We shall see. 

Strawberry & Chocolate Mousse Whoopies

I know some people are not a fan of V day, but I love any excuse to make a treat. And especially a pink treat. One of the most popular whoopie pies I have ever made was my chocolate covered strawberry ones and for this year I wanted to do a switch up. 

I made these for a gathering I had with a few girlfriends this week and then the mister took the leftovers with him to work. When he finally made it home from the snowpalooza, he told me that they were a huge hit with the guys when they came in from the cold. And apparently they liked to dip them in their coffee. Men are strange. 

We are snowed in today, which is the second time that has happened this year and may only be the 3rd time since we moved here 9 years ago. I am watching all of the world make fun of us "idiot" Southerners. Actually that is the only description I am going to share here as the rest were, ummmm, funny;) 

I will say this, because they were fine in the end, but I had a few friends who were making fun of how no one down here can drive and they're from places that "Drive in 20 inches" and then the first storm we had here, two of them got into accidents. And discovered it isn't so easy to drive on non treated roads, especially when it's covered in a half inch of ice. My husband is from Boston, believe me, he used to make the same snide comments...and now he knows. But I personally find all of the mocking to be hilarious. People get their panties in all kinds of bunches over the comments. I have too little time to take myself so serious. 

Anyways, if you can get out of your house and you're not snowed in like us, these are a great treat for Valentine's or any day of the year!

1 box strawberry cake mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup oil

1/4 cup cream(or water)


1 packet chocolate pudding

4-6 oz cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup heavy whipping cream 
2 tbsp heavy whipping cream

Preheat oven to 350'

Mix together dry cake mix, oil, eggs and cream. I normally use a round TBSP to place on cookie sheet, but you can also use a round TSP to make them bite size and get more out of it. Bake 9 minutes 

For the filling, cream softened cream cheese on low for 1 minute to get fluffy, add the pudding packet and 2 tbsp heavy whipping cream, beat until fully incorporated and slowly add the whipping cream and beat until peaks begin to form. or for alternate version, prepare the pudding w/1 cup cold milk, mix w/cool whip. Place in fridge for hour to let either version set up.

And in case you thought I was joking about how bad it is here, revel in this picture.
Via Blo salon in raleigh
and no, it is not even a little bit photoshopped. Where is the Mayhem commercial guy at?

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Baby Shower At A Wine Bar

is really the best idea ever. I wholeheartedly support our choice in this venue to celebrate our sweet friend, Tharina, and her bundle o'boy. 

When our friend Megan was going around with places to host the shower, I was more than joyous when she chose Fig. It is one of my favorite places in the area and I may spend more than enough of my time there;) 

And excuse me if I take a moment to tell you that one of my favorite parts about hosting this shower was the taste test that Megan and I were able to indulge ourselves in;) Tasting all the mimosa flavors and deciding between malbec and merlot: yes, please. (for the record, malbec always wins, but tasting is always needed...just in case that rare chance happens and it isn't) 

When the big day arrived, Fig once again lived up to the hype. Fig is located in a historic home in Wake Forest and that adds to its charm. We were placed in the front room and they closed the sliding doors to give us our own closed off space. 

We had a light brunch for the ladies in attendance, we chose some fresh fruit, a nice salad and their quiche of the day(just look at the size of that decadent treat!) and their chicken salad sandwich. We ended up going with a mimosa bar and three different fresh juices versus going with the wine card and it was a great choice. 

Megan had set up a few games, the candy match being one of my favorites and I may have had a couple of twix. and then we opened the gifts. 

The shower didn't really have a them per se, more so we went with grey and light blue and had just a few touches around the room as Fig didn't really need extra decor. 

This weekend Mr. Elijah came early and I cannot wait to meet the little guy. Tharina, thanks for becoming one of my closet friends. We love having you guys as neighbors, but our thai place would never be the same without you. Love you, sweet friend!

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Cambridge For The Day

When we were back in Boston over the holidays, we were able to spend an afternoon in Cambridge and I do love that town. As a book lover and history nerd, you get your feel in this place. Wandering the streets, it is not hard to immerse yourself in it. imagining the students who studied at Harvard. Thinking about Longfellow, Howell and Lowell and all the others who were members of  the fireside poets

I could go on and on...but for now, just a few of my favorite pictures from our day there. First up, we enjoyed a burger in Inman Square at an Irish Pub, the Druid. And it was so damn good. Cambridge is a haven for good burgers and there are more popular options, but I heart this place so big.

And then...onto campus and the lovely Havhad Yahd. 

Memorial Hall

and this building is my favorite...I think it looks like a man. in a rain jacket, ok. I have no idea where that comes from. Whateever, I just love it and the door. I die for the door.

If you are ever in Boston, you really need to take the time to head into Cambridge. The architecture, the history, the food...just the whole vibrancy of the town is worth the visit.

A Few Confessions

Thought that I would link up for the Hump Day confessions and so here are a few things I must confess...

I cannot believe it is February. This year is flying by even quicker than usual. cold as this year has already been, I will gladly skip through the rest of this month to get to some warmer temps.

A week later and I am still absolutely loving our new bedroom set. We are just missing the media center(as that was a custom order and we have to wait) and I adore how it looks. Can't wait to show all the details once I have it complete. And when Wiki hangs all the photos. So, now that I think about may never see the finished product.

We had friends in this weekend and we really didn't do all that much other than take in some Duke basketball and have a food tour through the triangle. They left yesterday and I already miss them. Distance sucks. 

I never thought that I could tire of BBQ. I am rethinking that stance right about now. Our friend who was visiting from Boston has celiac and so we have to really be careful with eating out and especially about cross contamination. Durham is basically a haven for Gluten free options, but he also really loves bbq.  Four meals of it in three days and I have had my fill. 

Speaking of gluten free, we got a pecan pie from Whole Foods and it may be on par with any gluten filled pecan pie I have ever eaten. Oh, my gracious. Except my grandma's( c'mon, I may have bipolar, but I ain't no crazy;)

I had the norovirus or some other deadly make me want to end it all stomach bugs starting about midway through the superbowl. I just started feeling disgusting and thought maybe I had drank a little too much and then I realized I had only had a mimosa. I decided to cut to sleep early and by 1:30...I gave up on life and after 2 hours of hell, I decided to do myself and my bed and carpet a favor and put blankets down in the bathroom. Death was super rude and didn't come for me. I lost 8lbs in two days so I suppose I will take it. Not worth it. Not worth it!

I didn't leave bed until 6:30 at night on Monday night. My sweet friend Srey made me some soup and I barely kept it down. Thank goodness Tony kept them busy while I was a horrible host and slept( or if you look at is as I was a great host and didn't want to get them sick)

GeoQpons is the greatest app for coupons ever. This week alone I had 25% off at B & BW, 20% off at payless, $30 off of $75 at New York & Co. and 50% off at AC Moore(that you can use there or michaels, hobby lobby or Joann's Fabric) and the best part about the sight is that you can use the coupons over and over. I have had it for almost 3 years and it just gets better and better. 

And I must confess that I really, really hope that Miss Evangeline(Evie) gets to come home soon. She has been in NICU for almost 5 weeks now and my brother and his wife would really love to have her at home. Just pray that she gets to eating. She is working on it but still not quite up to par. 

Those are my confessions for the week. 

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