No, but seriously. When I envisioned my adult life... it rarely held a moment of my husband and I hovering over a trashcan with a pair of scissors cutting hair and floss out of a vacuum. But somehow that happened this morning. Because my beloved Eureka was acting all a fool and I had little energy to even contemplate getting another. 

Between going home for my niece and visiting my brother and his wife a few times this month, my house somehow began to resemble something on hoarders and since we have company coming in for the next few days, my bootie had to spend every waking moment reversing that trend. and I am exhausted. I actually fell asleep in the stairs last night holding two light bulbs out for my husband to change. 

And then we thought we had reached the magic moment of being done and we were handing the ropes off to the carpet cleaning guys when everything went all to hell. First they came yesterday and the outside water source was frozen and they couldn't do it. Which led to a phone call to my husband that ended with me basically threatening all he held dear and almost crying. Luckily for him, no tears. Because there are few things in life I hate more than crying over something out of frustration and he knows if the tears start to fall that bad things are a comin'. 

I held out and then an hour later the doorbell rang and I was greeted by these delightful creatures. 

See, I told you, he could tell tears were almost on the horizon and he made a preemptive strike and ordered me these. Some people would be like "awwww, he's so sweet, getting you those for all the work around the house and bc you're overwhelmed" No. This is called he is smart and knows I was about to blow a gasket. haha either way, I may have eaten six of them in 2.8 seconds and no, I do not feel bad about it. He scored points, I'll give him that. My adoration will probably last about a week till I will need something else;)

Then, today, they came and decided that they couldn't reach the hose to do the carpets up to our third floor. This was decided in about a minute without even trying to see if the hose would reach. This all made me really happy considering they came yesterday and tested the hose and so they knew how my house was setup and so I am clueless as to how all of this couldn't be determined yesterday before wasting my time again today...but what do I know other than that led to us hovering over the trash can because my baby eureka was not working to capacity and when we turned her know, hair and floss. And gross. How did this become my life? Being an adult sucks, unlike my Eureka, she better get her sucking skills up to par again soon.

Anyways, we and by we, I mean me literally rearranged all three floors of our house this week and I am over it, but pleased with the results. This is the first time I have even looked at a computer that wasn't on my phone in almost ten days and I am about to take a bath and hope to not fall asleep in the tub...cause that happened once, but you know, it was the win's fault. 

and I think that is all the rambling I can fit in a post in one day. 

A Few Adult Beverages

to tempt you in these frigid temps. Beware, as most of them include bourbon, but what better to soothe you in this coldness. Unless you live somewhee which case I am insanely jealous of you right now.  Although, some of these are frozen drinks. I still find myself drinking those in the winter, as I sit in front of a warm fire and all cuddled up in a blanket.

Anyways, a few of my favorite cocktails since this bloggy was born.You will notice that I noted the drinks made with bourbon. So many. Shocking, isn't it? Bottoms up.

Blue Moon Milkshake

Pomatini Spritzer

The Naughty Southerner *** favorite of them all!

Cheerwine Daiquiri ***bourbon

The Melon Beam ***bourbon

Caramel Apple Daiquiri ***bourbon

Just A Few Yummies

As I said yesterday, today I am going to showcase a few of my favorite recipes that I have posted over the past two years. Some are pretty simple and they are a mix of sweet and savory. And a plethora are before I actually did anything to make the pictures and post aesthetically pleasing, so there's that.. You may also notice a recurring them strewn throughout...Bacon and/or bourbon. Now pretend to be shocked.

Bacon, Apple & Sausage skewers.

Prosciutto, Pancetta and Goat Cheese Pizza.

Strawberry Cheesecake Pudding pops.

Cheddar and Bacon Chowder

Panera Macaroni...Baked style

Ooey Gooey Fluffernutter Bars

Spinach, Mushroom & Sausage Soup

Bourbon Caramel French Toast Casserole

Bacon Wrapped Ribs in a brown sugar, chili and bourbon glaze

The Not So Terrible Twos

This past weekend my blog turned the big two. I can't believe the time has flown by that quick. When I first started this venture, it was simply as a way to easily share my recipes whenever friends would email me asking for them. I didn't really think anyone else would ever really even read it. So the beginning efforts were something to behold. In a way opposite of amazing.

Then one day, after being away from Facebook for over a year while dealing with my PTSD and bipolar, I took the plunge and wrote about a few of my experiences, posted it on fb and a few friends hit share. I never never imagined the responses and the relationships that could grow from putting thoughts down and hitting publish. 

I have made so many real life friends from this endeavor and I have found that my voice somehow is louder when spoken via the written word;) 

This week I thought I would share a few of my favorite posts from the past two years, tomorrow will be my favorite recipes, Thursday will be cocktails and Friday will be overall favorites.Accompanied by a giveaway!  Today though...

WhooPie Pies.


Please Come to Boston

Actually, that's a slight understatement, as it was closer to two weeks over the holidays. We had so many family parties to attend, but we also had extra time to g into the city and explore. And since Wiki could very much have a job as a tour guide in "his city" I always love finding new places that he already loves. 

I end up having a meeting in the city one day and he dropped me off. It went really well and will hopefully mean great things for me this year. To celebrate we had drinks at the Towne and later Lauren from Sweet Tea Party  joined us! Had such a great time hanging out and getting to know her a little bit. We are both Virginia gals. otherwise known as the best there is.

Afterwards we walked around Commonwealth Ave for a few minutes before we headed to the North End to meet up with his parents and Aunt for after dinner drinks to celebrate his aunt's birthday. We stopped at an old family favorite and I had the best cappuccino martini and the mister had an espresso. I think I won.

Then we headed to Bova's for a few pastries and I ate them all in roughly 2.5 seconds so as much as I would love to share pictures of their goodness...sorry bout it! I really like Mike's in the North End, but the wait on a weekend night is way too long and Bova's is pretty darn tasty. I had no complaints. 

Then we headed to Luca's for drinks and I was so hungry that we ordered from their bar menu. They had a small plate of bolognese sauce and thinking about it now makes me ravenous. It was extremely expensive for my portion size. And guess what, let me tell you that every bite was worth it. To die for.

We spent the next whole day in Cambridge and I can't wait to show those with you soon. The history makes me happy. I could get lost in this city for days, my heart loves it so. 

Bacon Is Not A Fad

Basically today is going to be a bunch of random and other than my first point about bacon, I have no idea where this is going to even go. Because right now I care only about bacon. I mean I love it so much that Kerry and Brianne both gifted me these items. 

I came across an instagram account the other day and I remember nothing about it other than she "hates this whole bacon fad thing and wishes people would stop with it". Excuse me a second while my body takes a few moments to calm down from this thought process. If loving bacon is a fad, then fancy me a follower. 

In case you missed my post where I declared all my loves in order, let me remind you. Bacon is in a tie with my family, right after Jesus. I keep Him in his rightful place, mind you...but after that bacon is a pretty close second. So please keep making bacon goodness. 

And on that note, do not invite me over for breakfast, offer me bacon and when I go to eat it...It came from a turkey. I may shock some of you guys right now, but a turkey has no bacon. Bacon is not purple.or whatever that color can rightly be referred to. If you do this to me, I will know with no doubts that you hate me. Pancetta bacon is perfectly acceptable. Turkey bacon. No. 

When I think of bacon, I think of bourbon. Oh, how I love you bourbon. I may have had more than one dinner that was just bacon and bourbon. I like to keep it classy. But seriously, even if you do not drink alcohol, there has never been a better friend to your bacon(or any pork dish) than bourbon. Spicy Bourbon bacon popcorn? If you insist. 

Speaking of bourbon, did you guys see the dialectic test going around fb? My husband and I both took it and he got Boston, Providence and Newark. Then I took it and got Lexington and Louisville, KY and Winston Salem, NC. So about this, I assume that the computer just somehow ascertained how much I adore bourbon and so just guessed that I was from its home. Because I am from Virginia. and I do not sound like I am from Kentucky. Somebody better back me up on this.

And that is all the random I could come up with while I watch Sleepy Hollow. And now I want some bacon. Hmmmm.

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Pumpkin Buttercotch Cake With Bourbon Cider Glaze

When we were invited last minute to a watch party for the Patriots game on Saturday, I was tasked with making a dessert...with about 3 hours advance notice. I didn't really have a lot of time to put thought into so I decided to check out my pantry to see what I had on hand. I spied a few boxes of pumpkin cake mix and remembered I had some butterscotch chips...and I knew where I was going. And according to our sweet friends...this cake was a hit. 

Due to not having icing on hand, I last second went with a bundt cake. As long as you have powdered sugar, you can make a very quick glaze. I had some left over apple orchard bourbon and mixed it with some cider and voila, I had my glaze. This was so simple and really, really good.

If you have any left over holiday ingredients, make use of them. Who ever made the rule that pumpkin can only be enjoyed in the fall. I think not. 

1 pumpkin cake mix
3 eggs
3/4 cup apple cider
1/4 cup bourbon
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup butterscotch chips
3/4 cup powdered sugar
1 oz apple cider
1 oz bourbon

Combine cake mix, eggs, apple cider, bourbon and oil. After mixed add in butterscotch chips and mix just to incorporate. Grease pan and pour in cake mix. Bake according to directions. Let cool. 

Place powdered sugar in bowl and add in bourbon and cider. Whisk until a thick glaze forms. After cake is completely cool, drizzle down over the top. 

Notes*** You may need to add more bourbon/cider to powder sugar to reach your desired consistency. Or even add more powdered sugar. This is your preference. I used ingredients called for on my particular cake mix, I just subbed the bourbon/cider in place of the water it called for. Also, if you can't find a pumpkin cake mix, you could just use yellow and add 1/2 cup pumpkin pie puree to mix. And if you are using a bundt pan, be sure to heavily grease whole pan so that when you go to invert cake, it easily falls out. 

and apprently I was on a holiday inspired kick today, on my other blog today I have an eggnog and gingerbread combo for you. 

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And The Wolf Cried

This past weekend went so quickly. And for Wiki to have worked most of it, we actually fit a lot in. It was my first weekend at home with no set in stone plans since the weekend before Thanksgiving. Almost 2 months and besides cleaning, we just got to enjoy each other(minus the few moments I wanted to throw him off a bridge, but you know...marriage;) 

My mom made me this wreath for winter/valentines. Love how it came out!

Last month the Mellow Mushrooms in our area gave away envelopes under the premise that you would hold onto it, unopened, until January and then you would turn into your server and whatever was on it, you got that night. I was pretty much expecting it to be a free drink or appetizer, but we got lucky and it was a free pizza! Score one for a free dinner. I devoured my bbq bacon pizza!

Afterwards we decided to catch a showing of The Wolf On Wall Street. I actually really enjoyed it, but I did think it was slightly long. And there were gratuitous amounts of sexual situations and maybe the world record for the F word in a movie. But I just look at is as the best way to properly showcase the ridiculousness that is this story. When I got home home...I may have been on Wikepedia learning what was true and what wasn't. And the scary thing is the most ludicrous parts were true. 

Saturday I cleaned and after 6 hours my house is still not up to par. Having three floors sometimes makes me want to cry. Or hire a maid. Or maybe drink wine and cry while the maid cleans. Sounds dreamy. Anyways, later that night we went over to visit with friends and watch the Patriots game(woohoo!) and I made a dessert. I was tight on time and just went with what I had in the cupboard and I came up with a pumpkin butterscotch cake with a bourbon cider glaze. So good! Recipe coming tomorrow! May as well use up your holiday ingredients if you haven't!

Yesterday we had to work the women's game at Duke and afterwards we went to the Pit in Durham and indulged in some yummy bbq while we watched the Denver/SD game. These fried green tomatoes with goat cheese crumbles are to die for!

and even better, they have about 30 bourbons and you can get a "nip" or a full glass. I went with a few nips and I adore their set up for it! Makes it more of an experience. Serve it with ice and water to let you create your perfect drink choice. Mine is just like it comes from the bottle. With maybe a drop of water. Or as you may have heard it referred to before, "bourbon and branch" So delicious. and a perfect end to a rather low key weekend at home.

Dear Bed, I Love You.

Having spent only 3 nights in my house since December 18th...I never realized just how much I adore my bed and all its comfort, until I fell into it on Monday. And I should probably go ahead and admit that the new sheets may have helped it out a bit. They were my winnings from the Yankee Swap in Boston. and to describe them in a nutshell: Swoon.

Being gone for 3 weeks means that your laundry is of a whole other level and it helps you to decide rather quick like that you won't complain about your usual piles of clothing that you have to take on. Nope, I will joyfully take care of them. For probably a whole week anyways and that should count for something.

I miss our Boston family already and our sweet niece Lolo and cannot wait to get back up there. I may be one of the few women who loves being cooped up in a house with her in laws for two weeks. And I have no shame in admitting it. Especially when my mother in law loves to cook my favorite things and take me to get Papa Ginos. Yummmmm. Now I need some. and I don't have one even remotely close.

We had a lovely day in Harvard and as many times as I have been to Cambridge, I never tire of exploring the city and thinking on all the amazing things it has seen since its inception as a town. meandering through the streets and taking in all the historic significance. History nerd and I make zero apologies. Especially as a book lover. The authors who spent time in this place. Gah. I die.

On our way home, Wiki surprised me with a quick trip to NYC and I cannot even begin to describe how cold it was. and I am still not over it. 26' there is way colder than 26' here. I cannot be emphatic enough about that. 

We stayed in Wall Street, which as many times as I have been in and around that area, I have never stayed down that way. And oh my goish, my tummy is still thankful. I will delve further into those trips next week. And you should just guess how many pictures of tantalizing treats there will be. You're welcome.

We are such a ball of fun that we rang the New Year in a hotel in Harrisburg, PA. At least we kept up with some sort of tradition and had Chinese takeout for dinner. We watched Duke play A & M and I was foolhardy enough to actually think we were going to win and then after the 4th quarter demise and I wanted some wine or bubbly...Wiki chose this moment to tell me the liquor stores were closed and no other stores sell alcohol there. 

So yes, you inferred that correctly. I had to ring in 2014 with a bottle of coke for my bubbly. I am not bitter about it or anything. 

We were home for a few hours when I received the news that my niece had been born and there were serious complications. Having just been home for a few hours, I rushed back up to Virginia to be with my family. She was airlifted to the University of Virginia Medical Center the next morning and while they have a long road ahead of them, little miss Evangeline is a born fighter. Can't wait to get back to see her this weekend. Love me some her.

So, this week of frigid temps has been quite the opposite of great. I just feel like if it is going to be this cold, snow should accompany it! But it did make for a beautiful sundown the other day and you never would have known how cold it was by looking at the temps!

Wiki came home with these flowers the other day and I am enjoying them as they allow me to pretend that it is actually spring like outside. and then I go run and errand and am swiftly back to reality, but the imagination is a powerful tool. Or so I tell myself.

I hope you all have had a great start to the new year and I cannot wait to catch up on your happenings!

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