Dear Bed, I Love You.

Having spent only 3 nights in my house since December 18th...I never realized just how much I adore my bed and all its comfort, until I fell into it on Monday. And I should probably go ahead and admit that the new sheets may have helped it out a bit. They were my winnings from the Yankee Swap in Boston. and to describe them in a nutshell: Swoon.

Being gone for 3 weeks means that your laundry is of a whole other level and it helps you to decide rather quick like that you won't complain about your usual piles of clothing that you have to take on. Nope, I will joyfully take care of them. For probably a whole week anyways and that should count for something.

I miss our Boston family already and our sweet niece Lolo and cannot wait to get back up there. I may be one of the few women who loves being cooped up in a house with her in laws for two weeks. And I have no shame in admitting it. Especially when my mother in law loves to cook my favorite things and take me to get Papa Ginos. Yummmmm. Now I need some. and I don't have one even remotely close.

We had a lovely day in Harvard and as many times as I have been to Cambridge, I never tire of exploring the city and thinking on all the amazing things it has seen since its inception as a town. meandering through the streets and taking in all the historic significance. History nerd and I make zero apologies. Especially as a book lover. The authors who spent time in this place. Gah. I die.

On our way home, Wiki surprised me with a quick trip to NYC and I cannot even begin to describe how cold it was. and I am still not over it. 26' there is way colder than 26' here. I cannot be emphatic enough about that. 

We stayed in Wall Street, which as many times as I have been in and around that area, I have never stayed down that way. And oh my goish, my tummy is still thankful. I will delve further into those trips next week. And you should just guess how many pictures of tantalizing treats there will be. You're welcome.

We are such a ball of fun that we rang the New Year in a hotel in Harrisburg, PA. At least we kept up with some sort of tradition and had Chinese takeout for dinner. We watched Duke play A & M and I was foolhardy enough to actually think we were going to win and then after the 4th quarter demise and I wanted some wine or bubbly...Wiki chose this moment to tell me the liquor stores were closed and no other stores sell alcohol there. 

So yes, you inferred that correctly. I had to ring in 2014 with a bottle of coke for my bubbly. I am not bitter about it or anything. 

We were home for a few hours when I received the news that my niece had been born and there were serious complications. Having just been home for a few hours, I rushed back up to Virginia to be with my family. She was airlifted to the University of Virginia Medical Center the next morning and while they have a long road ahead of them, little miss Evangeline is a born fighter. Can't wait to get back to see her this weekend. Love me some her.

So, this week of frigid temps has been quite the opposite of great. I just feel like if it is going to be this cold, snow should accompany it! But it did make for a beautiful sundown the other day and you never would have known how cold it was by looking at the temps!

Wiki came home with these flowers the other day and I am enjoying them as they allow me to pretend that it is actually spring like outside. and then I go run and errand and am swiftly back to reality, but the imagination is a powerful tool. Or so I tell myself.

I hope you all have had a great start to the new year and I cannot wait to catch up on your happenings!

6 comments on "Dear Bed, I Love You."
  1. Oh I totally hear ya! I love my bed too! I always miss my bed after a few days of traveling.

  2. Getting to snuggle up in your own bed is the best part about coming home. Well besides Seamus of course! So glad Evie is doing well and fighting! Can't wait to read more about your trip. It is like I get to be a tourist in my own state! :)

  3. Prayers going out to baby Evangeline.

  4. i LOVE MY BED. even if i'm on an amazing vacation, i long for my comfy bed!! hope little E is doing well!!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Sleeping helps the body recuperate from all the stress, both physically and mentally. Sleeping on a different bed might cause discomfort to someone, thus making them unable to sleep properly. Glad to know that you were able to sleep on your bed again, Maddie. Rest well! :)

    Dante Storey @ Healthy Bed Store


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