And on The 3rd Day of Christmas

The countdown to Le Befana is on and today is the 3rd day of Christmas. Unlike some people like to think, the 12 days of Christmas actually begins on Christmas, not ends. But instead of counting down, let's recap my most favorite events and gifts over this past week. And, yeah, sorry bout it, but I had more than 5 amazing things this week. You're welcome for the bonus.

last year we all got my father in law a wine making kit. and when I say he took it serious. Well, see for yourself. 
Nothing like a 55 gallon used bourbon oak barrel for some garage wine. 
On Saturday we went to the annual yankee swap(well, to us it is every other year, but meh on details) lots of food to be had and Tony's cousin got a puppy German Sheppard named Maggie. I die from her cuteness. i made bacon wrapped sweet potatoes. Obviously. And my favorite part of the night was my husband's grandfather's grab. He is 97 and he for sure, no hesitation...stole the bb gun from my husband opened.  Nonno is no joke.

On Monday, we attended a ceremony and lunch with his cousin to celebrate their wedding before they swooped on don to Aruba. and then rudely commenced in flooding facebook with pictures of blue skies and beaches while it snows here in Boston.

Then, on Monday night I had a blate with Kerry! and it caught on right where the last one ended...full of laughter and drinks. We met up at the Toby Keith Bar and Grill in Patriot Place. an stayed for 5 hours. We exchanged gifts and from mine you'd think Kerry knows me or something;)

Then Tony joined us for a bit and we hung out for a while before heading home at Midnight and Tony asked me multiple times to make sure I texted Kerry and discovered she had arrived home safely. 'Yes, dad' 

Tuesday we headed to the the afternoon service where the children's choir sang. The mass was gorgeous but they didn't sing "go tell it on the mountain" I am not bitter or anything. Afterwards we headed over to the big "feast of the seven fish" gathering that usually has about 75-85 people show up. Sometimes in waves and sometimes at once. Either way, a good time.
This year had a little more drama as we were all upstairs listening to his cousin play the guitar when his aunt loudly proclaims "Stevie, fire" and no one really moves and then she yells "Stevie, FIREEEEEEE" and we look over to see that indeed there is a fire and one of the candles was knocked over and had caught some of the mini trees on fire. 

Stevie(who is a boston FF, hence why he was singled out;) comes over as the tree is very much engulfed and at this moment I am getting a very bad feeling. He thinks quickly and throws the burning tree in the fire place. There was smoke everywhere and it barely and I mean barely, missed catching all the stockings on fire and the outcome may have been very different. Instead, it was just a floor filled with burnt wax and all the candles were disposed of and then 20 minutes later we were listening to music.

In other news, nothing deters us from a goal. I decided I needed more wine at this point. So, there's that.

Wednesday was full of more Christmas goodness. my hubs surprised me with this bag and to say I squealed would not be an adequate sentiment. Plus, I got some new Steve Madden boots and lots of other goodies. 
It was fabulous to see my niece on her first Christmas. We played Christmas music and then there is a manger set that tells the Christmas story once you push a button and so we all listened to that and sang a few songs. As in, we all started our own version of "Go tell it" and tell it I did. Jesus was born, my people. He was born. Let us have cake and rejoice.

Then there was more food. or that is a lie and I mean, all the food in the whole world was in his aunt's house and I may never eat again. Till I get hungry again in an hour or so. 

and then as a bonus, this bourbon brittle. Oh. My. Word. Go get yoself some. or at least go get some and send it to me. Don't be selfish.
And no trip to Sharon would ever be complete without a trip for some Papa Gino's pizza. Oh. My. Yum. Favorite.

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6 comments on "And on The 3rd Day of Christmas"
  1. Did you notice we are side by side in the link-up?! Yes, we are awesome! I had so much fun and so excited for the next time! I can't believe you had a fire!!! Glad you had a FF there and he did some quick thinking! How did they not sing Go Tell It on the Mountain?! I just may be stuffed just from looking at that food!!

  2. WHAT?! you met Kerry?!?? she's so awesome. sounds like a great holiday!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Sweet potatoes with bacon? That sounds amazing. And next time you ladies go to Toby Keith's, let me know. I've always wanted to go!

  4. woah sweet potatoes WITH bacon?! right up my ally girl! found you from five on friday and i can't wait to read more of your blog :) happy new year!

  5. omg those bacon wrapped sweet potatoes look great! Definitely using that for an appetizer soon!

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