Hi Y'all!

I am Maddie, wife to Wiki. 
I am from a small town in Virginia & he is from the Town of Bean...
and we're building our life together in Wake Forest, North Carolina.
We travel frequently & just celebrated ten years of being hitched.

I believe...
That on the 3rd day He rose again
That kindness trumps everything
that everything just tastes better in a mason jar
that my grandmas macaroni is the best there is
that you should always look someone in the eye when you meet them
and that a firm handshake is the only proper handshake
that some one's time is the best gift you can get
that quality friendships are way more important than quantity
that high heels are this girls best friend
that if you can count your lipgloss on two hands, you don't have enough
That ACC basketball is a way of life
that college football is so much better than pro football
That the smell of a baseball field is full of nostalgia
that barn parties are just more fun
that Texas Country is life changing
that real books can never be replaced by a kindle.
That travel brings about healing
that 80's cartoons are straight legit
that bourbon is best served neat
and that bacon makes everything better

I ramble on about a bunch of topics here. We travel a lot. I read even more than I travel. and I cook even more. Sometimes I am serious and talk about my struggles with bipolar, infertility and PTSD.

You can read more about my mental illness here.
and I hope that I blow your misconception about them out of the water. I have an illness,
 but it doesn't define me.

This blog has led me to be featured on quite a few sites. Makers Mark, Perrier, Drinking History, Good Spirit News(my apple guava rita)Berentzen and I was aksed to visit my favorite pizza shop in Raleigh and divulge it on a short segment for the Rachael Ray show! I also am a monthly contributor for Fertility Authority.

I hope you will decide to stay awhile.

4 comments on "about"
  1. Just found your blog! Now following!
    Looking forward to keeping up!


  2. Wow... I can't wait to read more. We seem to have a few things in common here. I suffer from PTSD as well and with that, suffer from depression and anxiety.

  3. Welcome to the NC Blogger Network!! So great to have you as a part of our community. -Trish


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