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Just your future, no big deal. 

Today I am participating in the Link Up Andrea is doing about how you met your spouse.  And well, I've mentioned it before, but never done a full post on it. So here goes.

14 years ago I had just moved to North Carolina and was the asst gm of a minor league baseball team. I was single and the past two relationships I had been in involved professional athletes and I wanted nothing to do with anything of the sort going forward. 

One of the guys who worked for the team kept trying to set me up with anyone and everyone. This was in the winter before the season began so we had more time on our hands. I never accepted the offer and kept laughing him off until one night with bad weather and a few glasses of wine, I went along with it. As a prank. 

He told me that one of his good friends had gone on a date the previous week and to call and pretend to be her and mess with him ( This was in the whole pre cell phone era, or you know...ancient times) I found out he was a former football player...but now worked as an engineer. 

Anywasys...I call and he answers. We chit chat going back and forth for about ten minutes. I have her name and where they went out and such so just flying by the seat of my pants...for about ten minutes and he lays this diddly on me. 

"This has been fun and all but seriously who is this? I know you're not her. She is from England and you sound like you're from Alabama or somewhere"

Me...Crickets and death stare of all death stares to my friend. 

He starts laughing and I finally sputter out that it was a prank from his friend and I am sorry. He laughs and asks to speak to his friend. We get off and I go about my business. 

Til about a week later and I started thinking about him again. I decided to call him for some reason I am not even sure about.I (actually, to be honest...it was his voice. He has a crazy sexy one. and even now, everywhere we go, people comment on it and call him "the voice") I remember that it was a little after 9 at night when I called. He answered and I asked if he remembered me and he jokingly replied "How could I forget" 

We began talking and somehow talked and talked...and talked and the next thing I remember is him exclaiming "Holy Sh*t, it's 5 am and I have to leave for work in an hour" 

I had no idea what he looked like at this point but over the next few days we talked more and more and set up a plan for him to come hang out with his friend that introduced us. And obviously...me. 

The second I saw him, I breathed deep as his looks matched his voice. Sexy. Small favors in this game of life.
First year we dated

He was living in Boston still and over the next ten months we did long distance and split time visiting each other. Then the opportunity came that he was able to transfer to a project at Duke...

A year and a half later, I was working in the SID office at Duke ( I still do part time!) and one October day, he set the whole thing up and after a basketball practice, when Cameron Indoor was completely empty...popped the question. 

The people I work with tricked me and said I needed to be in there for team photos. I went in and the lights were dim and there was no one around. All of the sudden a banner fell from the stand that read

"Will you marry me, Madison?"

 I was like "oh my gosh, how sweet, some one is getting engaged"

And then it hit me..." Wait...I am Madison" (yea, yea. I know) and a side door opened and I heard footsteps clicking on the hardwood of the court and when I looked it was him with a rose and the ring. 

We got hitched the next summer at a 200 year old Bed and Breakfast on a plantation. In front of 350 of our friends and family. And a wedding party of 32 people. This is what happens when you marry someone who is half Italian half Lebanese.

We still live in Raleigh. I work part time in sports still. He is a project manager for a construction management firm. Duke is still his client and he was able to get his masters at Duke while working full time. 

This year will be 12 years of being hitched. We are on year 10 of infertility and have dealt with my PTSD and depression and still kicking it.  and so, I guess I'd say the prank call worked. Maybe you should answer when love call;)

And funny enough...that phone call happened the day after Presidents Day in 2001. So...14 years ago today, on the money. And whaddya know, our once a year bad weather is paying us a visit. I am having a few glasses of wine again, but this time I just call upstairs for love. I mean, how cheezy was that.

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Poma Pear Fizz

My husband and I are never really big into the whole Valentine's dinner. We certainly are not anti Valentines, and since this year falls on a weekend, we probably will do something.  I tend actually look forward to it more for fun with my girlfriends.  I love to create cocktails that can be used for girl nights and this one pairs love and cocktail quite well. 

Or I think so at least. 

I had some Berzenten Pear left and while thinking up what I could make for this years day of love, I knew I wanted to work the remainder of the pear liqueur into whatever I made. It is sweet and light and once I started coming up with ideas, pomegranate came to mind.  I also liked the idea of using frozen pomegranate seeds instead of ice. Just a small touch.

The result is simple and tasty. The favors play off of each other really well and I think this is a drink that will be perfect to make for a small gathering or a big batch. 

Hopefully you guys can find a reason to drink this...sooner rather than later!

Poma Pear Fizz

3 oz pomegranate juice
1 oz pear liqueur
1/2 oz triple sec
sparkling wine
pomegranate seeds(frozen)

Put juice, pear liqueur, triple sec and ice in a shaker and shake vigorously. In a glass, place the frozen seeds and pour juice mixture over the seeds and top with champagne.

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Sweet Victory

This weekend was packed full of good times! And it went by so quickly. 

Friday night I got in late and just went low profile, ate thin mints and watched Banshee. And slept in. 

Saturday, we had a blogger meet up in downtown Raleigh at Sitti. It was nice to meet more bloggers from our area and to put faces with instagrams. Can't wait to get together with these ladies again! 

Afterwards, Nicole and I met up with our husband's to continue our night on the town. We had cocktails at Common 414, Fox Liquor Bar and then a place I can't remember. It was so loud it clouded all memories of the place. Except I do remember Nicole and I got our groove on to Uptown Funk, because...duh.

Sunday was nothing but a ball of nerves for me. My friend Jean and I met up at 2 pm to get good seats for the Patriots game, I guess most people refer to it as the Super Bowl. 

This was by far the most insane sports night I can remember in a long time. The Pats fan club went all out. We had two previous Pats players in attendance, they had a photo booth, fireball, free beer, awesome Pats gear and I could go on and on. 

This game had me more nervous than I can ever remember. And I do not think I have ever screamed or jumped up so high on a play as I did the interception. 

I think that both teams played their hearts out, it was, above all else, a great game. And last night I let the absolute negativity from people who hate the patriots get to me and I went balls to the friggen wall on FB. You can only listen to people have the audacity to question your integrity over who you root for in a game for so long before you state your peace. 

  today...I bask in the glory. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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