Sweet Victory

This weekend was packed full of good times! And it went by so quickly. 

Friday night I got in late and just went low profile, ate thin mints and watched Banshee. And slept in. 

Saturday, we had a blogger meet up in downtown Raleigh at Sitti. It was nice to meet more bloggers from our area and to put faces with instagrams. Can't wait to get together with these ladies again! 

Afterwards, Nicole and I met up with our husband's to continue our night on the town. We had cocktails at Common 414, Fox Liquor Bar and then a place I can't remember. It was so loud it clouded all memories of the place. Except I do remember Nicole and I got our groove on to Uptown Funk, because...duh.

Sunday was nothing but a ball of nerves for me. My friend Jean and I met up at 2 pm to get good seats for the Patriots game, I guess most people refer to it as the Super Bowl. 

This was by far the most insane sports night I can remember in a long time. The Pats fan club went all out. We had two previous Pats players in attendance, they had a photo booth, fireball, free beer, awesome Pats gear and I could go on and on. 

This game had me more nervous than I can ever remember. And I do not think I have ever screamed or jumped up so high on a play as I did the interception. 

I think that both teams played their hearts out, it was, above all else, a great game. And last night I let the absolute negativity from people who hate the patriots get to me and I went balls to the friggen wall on FB. You can only listen to people have the audacity to question your integrity over who you root for in a game for so long before you state your peace. 

  today...I bask in the glory. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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4 comments on "Sweet Victory"
  1. The Blogger event sounds like fun! You looked fabulous in your red, white and blue. Go Pats! Haters going to hate! Winning feels better! ;)

  2. I wish we had more bloggers around me. The closest one I know of is in Philly which is like 2 hours away. Not much around here. haha.

  3. I hate I didn't get to the blogger event! It sounded so fun! Your weekend sounds awesome! Where was your party yesterday? Looks like Fox & Hound? xo

  4. lol, everyone is so up in arms on FB post game. I try to stay out of it!


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