Whimsy Travel: Scottsdale, Arizona

We took a trip to Vegas to celebrate my brother's 40th birthday and decided to head out to Arizona a few days early and make an extended trip out of our west coast visit. Some of our best friends moved to the area last year and this was the perfect chance to visit with them. We had a phenomenal time and I already can't wait to head back. We were only there for about 36 hours and we packed in every possible moment! 

If you find yourself in the Phoenix area and limited on time, these are my recommendations! 

Top Golf. 

I will make no bones about admitting that I may be the worst golfer ever. This is not an understatement. I am really quite terrible. For starters, I have really short arms, my nickname is Trex for a reason. (T-rex;) and on top of that, I have boobs that make watermelons look like cantelopes. When our friend suggested meeting up here, I was slightly skeptical. That said...this was one of my favorite parts of our visit. Seeing mister Karlee for a bit was also a fantastic part of the excursion.  The food was actually pretty tasty to be bar food and the view, I mean. What a way to spend our first afternoon. It is also right next to the casino, which was also a lot of fun so you could make a full night of it!

Biltmore Hotel. 

I have read about this place in many travel magazines and even as the backdrop of a few fiction books.  We still had a little sunlight left and stopped off to partake in one of their famous cocktails as the sunset over their beautiful patio and grounds. They happen to be the home of the original tequila sunrise. Who would I be not to try one? I didn't go with the traditional, but instead went with their tropical sunrise. This was a decidedly good choice. Beyond tasty! Not too strong either, just right. Although, I imagine if you went with a few too many they could pack a serious punch. 

Desert Botanical Gardens. 

I will be honest, coming from an area that is full of flowers, beaches, lakes and green mountains, I was unsure of how "beautiful" I was going to find the desert. The Desert Botanical Gardens soon put those preconceived notions to rest. This peaceful spot was just one of the many ways in which I underestimated Arizona. This place was beautiful and we spent quite a decent amount of time walking around. They also have a night walk that is apparently a must see because they have an array of lit up globes around the gardens. I would definitely like to go back and experience the park after hours. 

Jewel's Gluten Free Bakery
Our friend has celiac and he happened upon a completely gf restaurant/bakery and so we ended up having breakfast there on our day of exploring. Let me just say that I have had the misfortune to try some bad gluten free recipes. This joint was so tasty that you would never have any idea they were GF unless someone told you in advance. Oh my gosh, the pecan sticky bun doughnut and the espresso panna cotta. Lord have mercy, I could go for some of it right now    

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