Birthday Weekend

This weekend started off slowly. Wiki had to work rather late and so it was a Wendy's chili and Redd's Apple Ale kind of night for me. In front of the tv and catching up on DVR. And then when he came home, at 11:30 at night...he had all the makings of sundaes and so, at midnight we were on the couch and stuffing ourselves with ice cream, oreo crumbles and whip cream;)

Saturday we headed downtown so he could get a haircut at this old school barber shop with a new school feel. They serve beer and give him hot towel treatment. I guess as much as I treat myself...I get it. haha

While he was busy getting all taken care of,  I decided to head over to a local roof top bar and grab myself a drink on the perfectly sunny day. There were so many festivals going on downtown and it was a fantastic afternoon to just take it all in. 

When he was done, we headed to Chucks, a local burger bar, to grab some lunch. and I may have indulged in a dark chocolate cake milkshake complete with bourbon. and words can't do justice. 

We walked around a little bit more before driving up to Virginia to celebrate my grandfather's birthday. Saturday night we had a get together at some friends, complete with full on corn hole tournament. and too much Bold Rock Cider. 

Yesterday was the birthday party and it was full of too much food and family time. I got to love on my niece, I can't believe how big she is getting!!! Her hair is so red, love it!

After the party we headed back home to get ready for the week, The drive went by quickly as I read my newest library find, Beautiful Ruins, which takes place in Cinque Terra. Was an easy read. 

 how did your weekend go?

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A Week In the Oak City

This past weekend, my besties came up from Virginia and we spent the weekend eating our way around the triangle. First we went to the West End Wine Bar in Durham. It was a really good time...until it got a little more than awkward when the bar back decided to use his own phone to snap photos of us. 

and we are all left to wonder....what exactly were his plans with these photos? Creeepppyyy.  and he was so nice. dammit. 

Then we went to the International Festival and got all kinds of goodies! Food for days! And such cool knick knacks. That I do not have any need or room for. and still they came home with me...because who am I to say no?!

Sunday we had breakfast at one of my favorite local spots, Jubala coffee and their country ham biscuit is maybe the best I have ever thought about having!

Then they headed back home to Virginia and the mister and I headed to Durham to take in the Centerfest and oh, shocking, more food!

During the week I was able to have afternoon tea with a friend at a tea shop in our town. The hot tea was the perfect accompaniment to the dreary and chilly day! 

I have also spent the week catching up on all my favorite shows, mainly the Blacklist! So glad it is back on. And I really think I like the new show, Forever. It was interesting and ummm, he is hot. Thank goodness for on demand that allows me to watch shows whenever I want;)

Heading up to Virginia this weekend to celebrate my grandfathers birthday. Can't wait to see everyone!

What plans do you have for the weekend?


Our hotel was about 20 minutes from the walled city of Padua. It is mainly a college town, as there are tons of universities located in the city. And the history. The history. I could just go on for days.

The churches are so beautiful and the cobble stone streets are beyond charming. It was one of only two days our whole trip that we encountered rain and I didn't even mind it.

Venice, Murano & Burano

* I have so many comments to respond to and blogs to catch up on. I promise I will be back to normal here soon!

For our trip, we stayed the first week in the Montegratto Treme area, which is mainly known for its medicinal spas and baths. It is also the perfect location to explore, as it is about a 15 minute train ride to Padua and a half hour to Venice. So it was easy to get wherever we wanted to go before we ended up getting our rental car towards the end of the week.

Venice is pretty spectacular, but it was a little too crowded for my taste. I think had we gone a little later in September, I would have enjoyed it a little bit more. But it was still fantastic and so beautiful. And you must just go and get lost, discovering the small alleyways and buildings was the best part! and defintely do a water taxi, you can buy an all day pass for pretty cheap!

 On our second day there we ended up heading over to the two smaller islands of Murano and Burano.

Murano is most known for being the glass blowing capital of the world and it was fun to see so many of the intricate designs they make there! Burano is most known for its lace and also for being one of the most colorful islands in the world.

Basically all of the recaps will just be major photo dumps! I hope you enjoy! If you have questions about a specific photo, ask away!



Burano (aka, my favorite!)

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