A Week In the Oak City

This past weekend, my besties came up from Virginia and we spent the weekend eating our way around the triangle. First we went to the West End Wine Bar in Durham. It was a really good time...until it got a little more than awkward when the bar back decided to use his own phone to snap photos of us. 

and we are all left to wonder....what exactly were his plans with these photos? Creeepppyyy.  and he was so nice. dammit. 

Then we went to the International Festival and got all kinds of goodies! Food for days! And such cool knick knacks. That I do not have any need or room for. and still they came home with me...because who am I to say no?!

Sunday we had breakfast at one of my favorite local spots, Jubala coffee and their country ham biscuit is maybe the best I have ever thought about having!

Then they headed back home to Virginia and the mister and I headed to Durham to take in the Centerfest and oh, shocking, more food!

During the week I was able to have afternoon tea with a friend at a tea shop in our town. The hot tea was the perfect accompaniment to the dreary and chilly day! 

I have also spent the week catching up on all my favorite shows, mainly the Blacklist! So glad it is back on. And I really think I like the new show, Forever. It was interesting and ummm, he is hot. Thank goodness for on demand that allows me to watch shows whenever I want;)

Heading up to Virginia this weekend to celebrate my grandfathers birthday. Can't wait to see everyone!

What plans do you have for the weekend?
3 comments on "A Week In the Oak City"
  1. Sounds like he had a crush on one of you. That ham biscuit sounds amazing! Hope you have fun up in Virginia. I plan to be equal parts lazy and productive.

  2. The International Festival looks so fun. Love the umbrellas!

  3. So fun! YUM!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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