Here Piggy, Piggy

I think it is safe to say that I love pork. Bacon, pork belly, prosciuto, pancetta...I could go on for days. But I will spare you. Anyways, if you are in or around the Virginia or Carolina area and are possibly interested in getting a really good deal on a whole or half hog, then I have the deal for you! You could even go in on with friends or family.

My brother and his wife are raising hogs that are raised humanely and on non gmo feed. I will let him tell you about it because, let's be real, I only eat the piggies. 

What we raise is pastured heritage Berkshire pork, NonGMO and free of any antibiotics, steroids, or other medications. Heritage pork is a group of pigs that have been abandoned by commercial breeders because of their slow growth and extra fat.  This is exactly why we are raising these breeds. The Berkshire hogs are know as kurobuta in japan. The highest valued pork in the world.

 They grow at about half the rate as a commercial hog which gives it the phenomenal flavor. They also have marbling fat like beef creating a much more tender, juicy meat. The pork is a much darker red meat than "the other white meat" sold in stores .

We let the pigs free range in paddocks consisting of fields and oak wood lots 100% of the time. In the paddocks they forage for grass, roots, plants, acorns and anything else that tickles their fancy. They are supplemented with a 100% non-gmo local sourced feed and all of our organically raised veggies that we don't use. We move the pigs every week to a new, clean paddock keeping them very clean and the land unharmed, which also means there isn't a smell.

We sell our pork by the half and whole hog. This means when buying a half you will get about 50-60 lbs of meat per half. Vacuum packed and ready to cook in about one pound packages. This also includes a variety of cuts....

Bone in chops

Boston Butt
Picnic roast
Ham steaks
Fresh sliced bacon and jowl
Fat back

And lotssss of different sausage.... Breakfast mostly but with an option of chorizo, sweet or hot Italian, bratwurst, etc.

And mainly our pigs are happy and treated well their whole lives. Even on their last day they are treated humanely. We take pride in providing them a good home while growing great meat.

If you are interested, check out dirtfarmers homestead on Facebook and @dirtfarmershomestead on instagram for more info and pictures

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