Bacon Bourbon Apple Fritters

Super excited to have Kerry over here guest posting for you guys while I am away! She is not only one of my best blogger buds but one of my favorite people in real life. and she is bringing you guys a few of my favorite things. if you know me, I always say my favorite things in the world are Jesus, bacon and bourbon. She's covering two out of three today.

I am excited to share Maddie's space with you today. Not only did I connect with Maddie through our blogs, mine being over at Till Then Smile Often, we also became good friends.  We share a love of bacon, and books. She has family up in Massachusetts and I took a road trip to her house to visit. You can read about my trip here and here.

When Maddie told me she was going on vacation to Italy and wanted me to guest post, my first thought was to ask her to squeeze me into her suitcase.  The second thought was to create a recipe incorporating all her special things, like bacon, bourbon and being southern. After giving it some thought I came up with this recipe for Bacon Bourbon Apple Fritters with a Bourbon Sugar glaze. It had all the requirements so I got to taste testing. Sometimes the life of a food blogger can be so hard! ;)


Batter: 2 cups flour ~ 2 TBSP Sugar ~ 2 TSP Baking Powder ~ 1/2 TSP Salt ~ 1/2 TSP Ground Cinnamon ~ 1/2 cup Bacon, pre-cooked and chopped (approx. 6 slices) ~ 2/3 cup milk ~ 2 eggs ~ 1 cup water ~ 2 TBSP Bourbon (I used Evan Williams) ~ 2 cups Apples, diced (approx. 2 medium sized apples)

Bourbon Sugar Glaze: 1/2 cup brown sugar (pack it down tight) ~ 1 TBSP melted Butter ~ 1/4 cup milk ~ 1 cup powdered (confectioners) sugar ~ 1 TBSP Bourbon

Bacon Bourbon Apple Fritters-1
Directions: In a mixing bowl add the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, cinnamon and bacon. In a smaller bowl mix the eggs, milk water and bourbon. Add to the dry ingredients and add the apples. Stir until fully incorporated.

NOTE: If you find the mix too runny add more flour by the tablespoon, until the desired consistency is reached. If it is too thick add water by the tablespoon. You want it to look similar to a pancake batter.

In a skillet or saute pan heating oil to 375 degrees. Place batter into the oil using a tablespoon. You don't want them to be too big or they won't cook throughout. These cook up fast so have a metal slotted spoon handy to flip them.

Mix up the glaze and serve.


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4 comments on " Bacon Bourbon Apple Fritters"
  1. You are one of my favorite people too! Thanks for having me!

  2. Wow, these sound really delicious!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. Thank you so much Ashley. I had to taste a few, okay more like I dozen and I didn't mind at all! ;)


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