Jet Lag Is the Real Deal

This time last week we had just left Pisa and were headed home to Boston after 2 weeks. My body took almost til the end of our trip to adjust to the six hour difference and now, I am just about back to getting into the groove,. I can find very few reasons to whine about it though. I can't seem to complain about lack of sleep for such an amazing experience. I promise to start recapping next week on Tuesday and Thursday and I will probably do so for about four weeks to fit all eight areas we were in! So, consider yourself warned!

But this week has definitely had its positives!

My last gelato was a week ago at the Pisa airport. It was mint chocolate chip and it did not disappoint! and yes, in my bag I found a Carolina BBQ koozie. Gotta represent;)

On our way home to Raleigh from Boston on Saturday night, this was the sunset I was able to catch. It was spectacular over the layer of fluffy clouds. It helped that we were on Jetblue and I was able to watch college football the whole flight. 

Sunday morning we hit up a favorite local spot for some delicious baked treats with my parents before they headed back up to Virginia. They took care of the house and mail while we were gone and picked us up at the airport! Love them! and these apple cider donuts. and cheese danishes. and other goodies!

Yesterday I was able to indulge in a pumpkin waffle and cappuccino with dark chocolate chips. So, as you can obviously tell, I am in total detox mode from Italy;)

and this weekend, three of my favorites are coming to visit from Virginia and I cannot wait to see them and have the best weekend ever! Tonight we are meeting up with one of my besties at a local wine bar for ladies night!  This picture is from Halloween a few years ago. I miss them so much!

What has been your favorites of the past week? Any plans for the weekend?!
2 comments on "Jet Lag Is the Real Deal"
  1. Jet lag is totally worth it! All of your eats look sooooo good! Love that pic of you and your friends.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I can't imagine how the jet lag is making you drag. Girl I would totally be detoxing from all the deliciousness.


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