Happy Hallows Eve

I cannot believe that it is Halloween! This month (and year!) have absolutely flown by. And the weather here has just been so absolutely spectacular that it is hard to think that tomorrow will be November. Although, according to our local weather report, we are about to get a rude welcoming to Turkey month. I have thoroughly enjoyed the changing leaves and perfect blue skies. 

This week has had more than a few favorites and it started last weekend when I was able to attend the local NAMI event. And I was completely taken aback when they honored me ( and other great folks!) for my service. What an honor and I can't wait until January when I am able to speak in front of the newly elected congressmen and senators. 

That night we ended up having a little "staycation" and spending the night at a local Indigo. We watched college football, caught the world series and indulged in one of theeee best sandwiches I have ever tasted. 

Sunday we headed up to Virginia for the day to see my family and have a get together at my brother and his wife's house. We hadn't seen it since they finished it and it looks amazing. She surprised my grandmother and I with a cake and I got lots of time in with Evie. How I love that sweet redhead!

Tuesday Wiki came home from work late and he came toting some Goodberry's. It is a local Carolina spot that makes frozen custard. he got me my usual pistachio and then they had some peppermint. Oh my gosh...so flippin good!

Wednesday I stopped by a few favorite spots and took in the beauty of fall at Historic Yates Mill. I adore this spot and spent more than a little time relaxing in their rocking chairs, enjoying the splendid view of the pond. 

Tonight I am heading to a birthday party for my friend's son and then visiting another friend and watching Ghostbusters! Tomorrow we have dinner with friends out in downtown Raleigh for my birthday and I can't wait. 

What are you guys up to this weekend? Anything scary or ghoulish?

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Thirty Six Divided By Two

Eeek. I turn 36 this Saturday and for the first time in a long time...the number is bothering me. Turning 30 never bothered me. I actually embraced the heck out of it.  29 and 31 weren't numbers I was overly fond of. I remember turning 29 with the fleeting feeling of "Next year I am 30, I only have one year left to figure life out" And then at 31 the thought of "Oh, ship...I am officially in my 30's" But I still wouldn't really say that either truly bugged me. And it also helped that I learned I would never have life figured out.

36 though...that number and being childless is taking a toll, more than I would like it to. But, I have too many other amazing things in life at this point to let that wreck me. I will probably whine over some wine this weekend and then get the H over it. After all...I still on look 28. So I win. 

But for today's link up about the facts of me...I have 18 as that is half my lovely age. The age when I thought I knew everything. and now realize I know less than I ever care to admit;) 

1) I am a redhead. at least I was born that way. Now...I have no idea;)

2) Nerds cereal was my absolute favorite growing up. The two flavors in one box? Stop it. 

3) I read about 8-10 books a week. Being a nanny helps with this, they nap...I read. 

4) I think that the countryside of Virginia (and the Blue Ridge Mountains in particular) is the most majestic and scenic place in the country. 

5) I am pretty much a meatarian. You can have your veggies. Give me meat. 

6) My cocktail recipes come to me at the most random moments and so I have an entire section of notes on my phone in case I forget my idea. 

7) Swimming is one of my absolute favorite things to do on earth. Best exercise ever. 

8) I am allergic to the most annoying things in the world. And sometimes I want to eat the stuff anyways and accept the consequences. It all looks so delicious!

9) I talk a lot when I am nervous. A lot. I usually want to shut up. So if I am annoying you, guess what... I am probably annoying myself too. 

10) I would probably break my neck if I tried to ride a bike. I am not joking. Yes, I learned when I was younger...no, that doesn't help me now. 

11) I think that quality friendships are just my cup of tea. I love people that I get and that get me. 

12) I abhor rude people. and I will probably let you know if you are. 

13) When Wiki and I were able to take my grandfather to see the Cubs play at Wrigley for his 80th birthday...a place he never thought he would go, never has a moment truly meant more to me. 

14) I adore my in laws. and I usually cry when they leave after their visit. I got lucky. and I am so glad that he feels the same way about my family. Our parents are just awesome. Makes marriage so much easier!

15) We travel about 36 weekends a year. We don't have kids so why the heck not. And some of my favorite trips are the small, quaint towns that most people don't visit on purpose. 

16) I like the water in my shower or bath PIPING hot. Like... I have to bobble for a few minutes to even sit/stand in it. 

17) A perfect night for me is something that involves bacon and bourbon. A bonfire. and probably not s'mores. K...I hate s'mores. I know. You guys probably think I am un American..

18) My faith is everything to me. Jesus is just my Jam. Not always the biggest fan of some of His followers, but that's another story. 

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OrangeTheory Fitness

This week I was able to attend a class at the new location of Orangetheory in Chapel Hill. I was slightly nervous going into this session because I really have only swam in the last two years. Working out can be intimidating. 

As I came upon the location the first thing I noticed is that it is not overtly large. And then upon listening to what they are all about...the size made sense. I was greeted warmly by staff members who took the time to explain how the session would play out and to go over how the heart monitor would work. 

The class has a row machines in the back and a row of treadmills of front, there were a few spin cycles and then to the side was a strength area. I was not sure how I would really be able to maintain working out for a straight 60 minutes when I hadn't in so long...

and it kicked my bum...in the best way possible! I never felt pressured to go out of my comfort zone or work out to a speed my body wasn't prepared for. The trainer in the class was so gregarious and he also went over each new step clearly. I felt like I was working out with a bunch of friends and it made the class go by so much faster. 

This is the science behind the workout taken directly from their webpage. 

"The physiological theory behind the Orangetheory workout is known as “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption,” or EPOC. By providing you with a heart-rate monitor and POD, we can monitor your 5-zone interval training sessions that we call the Orange 60. During the 60-minute workout, you will perform multiple intervals designed to produce 12 to 20 minutes of training at 84% or higher of your maximum heart rate, which translates to Zones 4/5. This program design produces workout "afterburn" effect, which is an increased metabolic rate for 24 to 36 hours after the workout. When combing the amazing workout with EPOC, our clients burn an average of 500 to 1200 calories.
The Orangetheory workout will produce increased muscle Endurance, Strength and Power and if desired, tremendous weight loss. With energetic music, a talented group of fitness coaches and a high-energy studio, you have the recipe for a workout that produces BIG and LASTING results."

Tomorrow is their grand opening party and all are welcome to attend. They will have beverages and plenty of food and they will have lots of fun giveaways. 

Head on out to Chapel Hill and give Orangetheory a try, your first class is absolutely free so you have nothing to lose...but weight! Or if that isn't your goal, gaining strength and endurance is just as good of a reason to go!

You can follow along with them on their twitter and facebook pages!



Well...That's Emburrassinnnn.

I could probably fill an entire month's worth of posts on my embarrassing moments. Most of them involve cold sweats and an immediate need for a bathroom that is evading me when I need them stat. Or there is the one where I ended up face down, bum up with my dress around my head in a restaurant. 

But, til I am ready dish allll the details on those lovely adventures, I will go with this particular instance. It is still pretty cringe worthy. Or at least it was at the time. Now it is pretty damn funny. 

This was about 15 years ago and I was on a date with a guy that I had just started seeing. Things were going pretty well and I excused myself to go to the restroom. The restaurant was packed and I managed to meander my way through the throngs of people in the bar to the back where the bathrooms were and ducked in. Seeing no line,  I headed straight to the stall. 

As I am using the restroom, I hear people coming in and then loud urinating but no one is next to me in either stall and so I am slightly perplexed. I just think there must have been stalls I didn't notice when I walked in and didn't think on it too much more.


Someone finally used the stall next to me. And they began coughing. And I had the distinct thought that this cough was really masculine. and so my eyes glanced to the feet next to me and I discovered they very obviously belonged to a man. I couldn't believe this guy had gone into the wrong restroom and finished up as quickly as I could before he began his business.  Cause don't nobody want to hear that.

Only when I exited my stall and headed to wash my hands, did I come face to face with my date...as he was turning away from the urinal and zipping his pants up...We both just stared at each other for a few seconds, neither saying a word before I ran the heck out of there. 

As I sit back at the table trying to conjure up a reason for what happened, I realize that in my beeline to get out of there, I didn't wash my hands and that he saw that. and all I could think was that he would think I was an idiot, and a dirty one at that. 

He comes back to the table and in the most serious voice looks at me and says "Men's room, huh? Anything you need to tell me? and just like that we were both laughing hysterically. 

But my face still gets red almost fifteen years later just thinking about the moment when I realized what I had done. 

And it may have happened once again since then, luckily I was by myself and not on a date. But seriously, how am I supposed to know the difference between a guy rocket and a girl one. Or these squiggly lines. Can they just say men or women? When I am in emergency level...I don't have time to think which is which. 

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Movies For Halloween

I Love Halloween. Probably because we always had my birthday parties on the 31st growing up or, at the very least, a Halloween themed party. Which is pretty comical when you realize that my mom held out on having me until the first as she was adamant she "wasn't having a Halloween baby"  I suppose it was an easy theme to throw together the older I got. And since I grew up on a farm...you best believe my parties entailed KILLER hayrides. 

But one of my favorite part of Halloween as I have gotten older is the movies. The mister and I have a pretty good system. We order in, enjoy some tasty beverages and watch movies while we wait on the trick or treaters. And Tony is the person who gets full candy bars. That is why I don't let him shop for candy very often. Full sized candy bars? Does he think we are the fun people? 

Anyways, I abhor scary movies so you will never find them on my list. Instead, these are my favorites. Some *may* be creepy, but there are no horror flicks that is for certain! 

Hocus Pocus! Hands down my favorite, I love this movie and as a matter of fact, girls night is tonight and a few ladies are coming over to watch this goodness with me!

Ghostbusters. Enough said. And we actually got to catch this last week for free while we were having dinner outside!

Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes, it says horror in the title but it is totally campy and ridiulous. it shows at a theater here every year. 

Teen Witch. I loved this movie and more so the older I get. So horribly done, yet so fantastic.

and obviously because what kind of person would I be if I didn't include this, 

What are your favorite Halloween movies to watch? Are you a scary movie groupie or a fraidy cat like me?

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Lucca, Italy

This spot was not one that was planned and I cannot even parlay how glad I am that the decision was made to make the trek here for the day. During our time in Tuscany, we stayed at the Inn my husband's family own in Grannola. It is about a half hour to forty five minute drive to Lucca and this particular day it was a light drizzle and we decided to pull out our umbrellas and head down the autostrada. 

Lucca is another medieval walled city and is very much a walking city and is quite easy to navigate your way around. Once again I was completely entranced by the enchantment of the alleyways and cobblestone streets. And I cannot mention enough how friendly everyone in this charming city was.

Now, I will just let my photos do the talking. If only they could do justice!

It Just May Be

Today's prompt is your greatest fear. I have a few things that scare me to death. I hate lightning. Heights are not my deal. Sharks make me prefer a pool to the ocean. And October always seems to remind me just how much I fear clowns. Thanks freaks in California for making it even worse this year;)

But those things aren't really what I fear. I think the thing I fear the most is almost an even tie, but right now one scares me just a little bit more.

The death of a loved one is a huge deal for me (as it is for anyone, obviously) but I tend to fear it unrealistically because it has happened so much in my life. I lost an aunt at 31 to heart arrhythmias. A best friend from high school to a drunk driver. A 24 year old cousin to cardiac arrest. My brother in laws 26 year old fiance died from a life long battle with diabetes. I would spend nights waking my husband every few hours just to make sure he was ok. To me...making it to 40 meant you were in the clear. 

But more so recently, that fear has been replaced by another one...the possibility that I may not actually ever be a mother. For pretty much my entire life, I have looked forward to that moment. To having a baby placed in my arms, to my husband being a father. For some people this is a snap of a finger...

In my case, I snapped my finger 11 years ago and still my arms are empty. I mentioned last year when I began the Infertility Prayer Project that we were on a time frame due to my medicine. It actually took almost a year to fully ween off of them and now we are at about 7 months in of no medication and 5 months post surgery. Still sans baby.

These next 5 months will be the most 'trying' for me. (pun aside;) The tick tock is so loud that I can barely hear anything else. If I do not become pregnant in these next 5 months...We are pretty much done. I will not be able to be off of the medicine for that much longer and maintain my health. And that is the most important part of pregnancy, being as mentally and physically healthy as I can be.

I have always said that I would gladly adopt, but after an 11 year journey of miscarriages and infertility, month after month of failed attempts...I honestly am not sure that I could embark on a new process that would possibly bring more heartache and pain. Even if the ending would bring the greatest joy I have ever known.

So, at this point, my greatest fear is that I will never be known by the one name I have so longed to be called....Mommy.

I believe that God has a hand and plan in my life, the question is how I will deal with it if His and mine don't match up.  I guess wine and frequent travel will help in the meantime, cause...wine. and Italy.

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All About That Hope

This past weekend was the 26th annual Walk for Hope and I was so humbled to actually be able to participate for myself and to even walk in honor of a few of my best friends(that this past year very much struggled with depression)

ok, this photo. Me and my crazy eyes. Hahaha Tony put the caption of how he was running to support the struggle of mental illness and his wife who battles it" and because all my friends are awesome, I cannot tell you the amount of them that texted me that my expression with Tony's caption was priceless, that's right people. That is the face of bipolar and PTSD if ever there was;) Hey, if you can't laugh get the H up on outta here! 

I have attended multiple years where others have run or walked in my honor and it was fantastic to be healthy enough to do it myself. Or at least healthy enough mentally...because that is where the fun starts;)

I have a history of kidney stones so I kind of know what to do, drink PLENTY of water and lemon and slept. And then on Thursday, when I had a friend over for dinner (Hi Tharina, I know you are probably reading!) and the pain came back something fierce. I should mention here that I have an extremely high pain tolerance. Like almost unheard of. If I talk about pain...then I am about to keel over. 

By Friday morning I was vomiting from pain and seeing stars so I decided to go in and get checked out. Urgent care sent me straight to the hospital. I was diagnosed with kidney stones, a ruptured cyst and a kidney infection. After the doctor pressed on my abdomen and I straight poltergeist vomited on him...he immediately had me hooked up to morphine. 

The nurse told me when I left that her favorite part was that in my pain induced stupor that when they weighed me, I clapped my hands like a toddler and screamed "Yay, I love your scale, it says I have lost 13 lbs. Mine said only 9"  Priorities even in agony people. 

All I know is I am not allowed to have more than 2 sodas or 2 sweet teas a month because they are main causes. Basically...I may die. No sweet tea?1!?!?! Just ignore that wailing over here.

Anyhow, because I am woman, hear me roar and all, I decided to participate in the race less that 24 hours later. Cause I am a boss like that. Or maybe because I am a stubborn idiot. 2 miles in and I wanted to die. I finished it. I did it. But I paid for it. I am not a warrior. There was no lion roaring. The sound I was emitting was more of a kitten whining. 

But really, it was such a great time. The people that come out to support this cause. Thanks to Jean, Tony and Elizabeth for doing it with me! The event, once again,again raised over a hundred thousand dollars to go directly into our community to help with mental illness. And this event is no joke. As many races as I have been to, never have I ever seen what they put into this one. Bands, Tents full of food cooked by a chef that won Iron Chef , free massage tables, free draft beer from local craft breweries, and I could go on. So much more. 

Scotty McCreery got us started with the national anthem and all I could hear was teenage girls screaming in my ear. Barely recovered;)

Gutter Ballllllll

I can't believe it is Friday already. Usually the weeks seem to drag and the past few have flown by! I have a few favorites from the week that stand out, but this weekend is looking up to be fantastic!

These pork belly tacos may be one of the best meals I have ever eaten. And I mean that. Pork belly...get in my belly. The only thing that may have made them better is a cocktail but I am in a no alcohol phase for a few weeks. Alcohol and weight loss are not the best of friends. Oh, how I wish they were!

We went bowling. hence the whole gutter ball title. There are not really words to speak to my inadequacies at blowing. My first game...17. Second game 36 last game 69. Hollllla. 

However, this place in our town is an old school throwback alley and it is awesome!

Grimm is back this week! I cannot wait to watch it. Does anyone else like this show? I heart it!

I didn't mention here, but last week I was able to speak at a Nami event regarding my sexual assault and treatment. That has led to me being asked to speak at the legislative breakfast in January before the new senators and congressmen. I am still shocked and cannot believe the platform that has been given to me to share my story with mental illness and eventual health. 

Yard sale tomorrow people. I have never been more excited to be able to get rid of stuff. I have bags that have just been waiting to go away. Take my junk and make it your treasure, people!

Packed Full

This weekend was such a great time. We ended up heading to Virginia for the second weekend in a row because our original plans fell through. It was great to be able to head up there again and I was able to help celebrate on of my favorite people's birthday and have wine. 

Friday night, before we headed up, we had dinner at a local spot in Durham and if I could eat nothing but their chili rubbed pork belly for a month, I am pretty sure that I could do it. and happily. I often forget just how insanely amazing the food options are in Durham, And then I am reminded why it beat out Charleston, Austin and New Orleans as the "foodiest" city in the south. 

We got to Virginia late Friday night and on Saturday morning headed out to downtown Lynchburg with my brother and his family for breakfast and then to meander our way around. I got some great gifts at a few of the shops and then we headed to the next town for a Fall Festival at a vineyard. 

Wine, BBQ and good music? I will choose it every time! We had so much  fun and Virginia shines at her best this time of year. How I love the beauty of my home state. and even better, the vineyard is now located on what was the farm my sister in law grew up on. 

They should give me free wine. I am not sure why, but I just think that the fact she used to live there should somehow be of an advantage to me. hahaha

That night we met up with some friends for a cookout, cornhole and a bonfire out back. 

Yesterday we had lunch with my parents before heading back down for my bestie's twins first birthday. I cannot believe they are one! I took a few shots of how everything turned out. She did such a great job with keeping the decor elegant and still fitting for a first birthday party. And the cake. Oh, the cake. Sugarland just does it right. I am sure she will have more up on her blog soon!

and then her mom sent me home with a homemade bag of caramel popcorn and...I need someone to come hide it from me because I start my clean eating for the next month, It is entirely too delicious.

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A Closer Look At Bands4Good Challenge

Back in August, I wrote a post introducing you guys to the Bands4Good Challenge and today, I am excited to bring you a behind the scenes glance via an interview with the of the co- founders of the Bands4Good Challenge,  Fred Fletcher.

I am also pleased to to announce that the deadline for entering into the challenge has been extended through October 30th! If you have any questions or want to know exactly how to enter and who is eligible, check out their website...Bands4Good Challenge

What role has music played in your life and is there any particular impact it has had on you?
I'm fortunate to have been born with perfect pitch and can play by ear.  From a music training stand point I started piano lessons when I was 6 and took them for 3 – 4  years.  I graduated to clarinet, then moved on to tenor & baritone sax.  Started a garage band (actually we didn't have a garage so you could call it a "den" band) at 12 called the Jive Five.  Our parents had to take us to practice and our "gigs… That was cool. :)

By the time I got to high school the band had changed its name and was the featured band at local clubs and we often were asked to open for such acts like the Platters, the Drifters and Billy Stewart.   Keep in mind this was in the late 50's early 60's.  As I started college, we kept the band together and were fortunate to hook up with a trio of black singers called the "Mighty Turbans" (yes they wore all the funky wardrobe you can imagine).  We were a hit with the fraternity crowd.  

My Junior year (1964) I became social chairman of my Fraternity and the school's Inter-fraternity Council tasked with lining up the entertainment for IFC's annual bash.  

I had fallen in love with a band called Cess Hardy & The Might Blue Notes from Kinston NC.  They would host an alcohol free dance everySaturday night at a pickle warehouse in Faison NC about a 45 min drive for me. (I rarely missed a Saturday night unless I had a gig).  The band was sometimes 8 - 12 members strong many of which were school music teachers in the local area.  They were eventually discovered by James Brown and became one of Brown's most prolific farm bands which yielded talent the likes of Maceo Parker.  

Anyway, back to the IFC annual event.  I booked Ike & Tina Turner (yes they were together back then) as the headline act and the Blue Notes to open.  That was fun.

My sax was stolen from my fraternity one weekend so I’ve been without sax ever since.  I didn't pick up an instrument for a long time, but I love blues so I decided 3 years ago that I wanted to play the blues harp.   And now I do.  I've even played some gigs and sat in on some  jam sessions.

What exactly is the 2014 Bands4Good Challenge?It’s an online charity benefit where we employ a proven strategy of combining music with fundraising. A Bands4Good Challenge provides aspiring, unsigned musicians in need of exposure and multiple cause related nonprofits in need of funding a platform to participate in a virtual "American Idol" like “donate to vote”, nationwide, social media event.  

What nonprofits will benefit from this challenge?
Arts For Life, Little Kids Rock, Kid Pan Alley, Street Level Youth Media & Silver Lake Conservatory of Music.

How do both the judges scores and fan votes carry the contestants through the competition?
During the Challenge, Contestants and our participating nonprofits are  given the tools to engage in frequent challenges to drive both free and donation votes.   To keep the balance that Bands 4Good Challenge is both a fundraiser and talent competition, contestants must achieve 50,000 votes (that's $1,000 in donation votes) and a minimum average judges score of 300 points (ut of a total of 500) to advance into the Finals which will be during the last 10 days - 2 weeks of the contest..  

Why do you think that music is so important for school-aged children?
There is all kinds of evidence that kids involved in music have a higher self esteem, higher grade performance and graduation rate just to name a few.  Can you imagine a world without music?  Can you imagine what the world would be like if we don't foster the next generation and the next generation of singers, songwriters and musicians.    

How did you and the other founders come up with the idea for the 2014 Bands4Good Challenge?

Again, combining music with fundraising is a proven strategy.  Just look around you.  You have the hugely famous and successful benefit concerts like Farm Aid featuring celebrity artists but you also have local bands performing live at benefit concerts in your community.  They are all typically at “brick and mortar” venues which are limiting in number, capacity for ticket sales and can be very costly to produce.   So, with the advent of the Internet and the evolution of Social Media we’ve found a way to take the “bricks and mortar” out of benefit concerts.

At the same time we are avid followers of the reality TV shows such as the Voice, Idol and X-Factor because of the talent they feature but also the back stories that underscore the sacrifice the competitors endure.   Think about it... more than 1.3 million artists have auditioned for Idol alone over the 12 years it’s been on the air.  To audition, these musicians have had to take days  off from work, spend hundreds of dollars they don't have to travel and stand in line with 10,000 other artists with little certainty they will even be heard by a legitimate talent scout.  

We felt there had to be a better way and, because of our passion to help young artists pursue their ambitions, and our desire to help the less fortunate, we created Bands4Good Challenge to give artists (aspiring and established) a global platform that they can access from their kitchen table, an audience driven by the company funded promotion and by our Charity Partners who will benefit directly from the contestants’ music and Challenge voting.  

Would you consider yourself to be musically inclined?
See previous answer

Is there an instrument that you prefer to listen to?
Blues harp (harmonica)

Do you have a particular song that is your favorite, whether it brings about fond memories or find it soothing?
Not really.  Depends on what I’m doing and my mood.  I particularly like the thumping boogie blues beat which makes my knees buckle and I’ve made a living on Carolinas’ beach music as a record collector and founder of a “Hall of Fame” shag club called the Jolly Knave.

Who are your favorite bands or musicians...past or present?

My music interests are wide spread so I really don’t have a favorite.  I just love it all.  Eagles, Boston, Clapton, ZZ Top, Garth Brooks, Anita Baker, Bonnie Raitte, Santana, David Sandborne, Sting, Beatles, BB King, Little Walter, Joe Bonamassa… geeze there is no end to my favorites.   

Thanks so much to Fred for answering my questions, I just love everything about this competition and what it represents!  Keep checking back to see what new updates I have to fill you in on throughout the duration of the challenge!

Suddenly I am a Procrastinator

This revelation really just hit me yesterday as I was readying for book club. It was almost noon and I had a house full of people coming over last night and I had a house barren of food.  And a messy kitchen. And errands to run. And I realized that I somehow managed to catch up on three DVR'd shows before panic hit. 

I have never been this person. Well, I suppose in certain areas I may be. But usually I am the annoying planner. I like details and I like having things done and when I don't I delve into a mess. 

Yet, I am supposed to have organized my pictures from Europe and sent them out to family. Then I have started to every night for a week and I get about 200 or so done and then a good book and a bath just seem to be a better idea. And then, I mean, doesn't a hot bath make everyone sleepy? And I am no different and so...pictures can get done tomorrow. And by tomorrow I mean last Thursday. Oops But sometimes you just want to have a glass of wine and watch the voice?

Even when we were in Italy, procrastination with packing creeped in. Our last night there, I was adamant that we pack before doing anything. I kid you not, recurring dreams of not packed bags have literally been happening for months. having to leave everything there or not catching our flight and our last night there, the mister and Tuscan wine and gelato beckoned. And my insides were a literal mess. All I could think about was getting it done and that the nightmares were actually happening. He told me to calm down and that we had one last night to enjoy it. We could just stay up and get it done. We had time. 

I think I took his advice to heart because I am writing this mornings post at 8:30 am as I watch Chicago Fire. We have time...right honey;)

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