Happy Hallows Eve

I cannot believe that it is Halloween! This month (and year!) have absolutely flown by. And the weather here has just been so absolutely spectacular that it is hard to think that tomorrow will be November. Although, according to our local weather report, we are about to get a rude welcoming to Turkey month. I have thoroughly enjoyed the changing leaves and perfect blue skies. 

This week has had more than a few favorites and it started last weekend when I was able to attend the local NAMI event. And I was completely taken aback when they honored me ( and other great folks!) for my service. What an honor and I can't wait until January when I am able to speak in front of the newly elected congressmen and senators. 

That night we ended up having a little "staycation" and spending the night at a local Indigo. We watched college football, caught the world series and indulged in one of theeee best sandwiches I have ever tasted. 

Sunday we headed up to Virginia for the day to see my family and have a get together at my brother and his wife's house. We hadn't seen it since they finished it and it looks amazing. She surprised my grandmother and I with a cake and I got lots of time in with Evie. How I love that sweet redhead!

Tuesday Wiki came home from work late and he came toting some Goodberry's. It is a local Carolina spot that makes frozen custard. he got me my usual pistachio and then they had some peppermint. Oh my gosh...so flippin good!

Wednesday I stopped by a few favorite spots and took in the beauty of fall at Historic Yates Mill. I adore this spot and spent more than a little time relaxing in their rocking chairs, enjoying the splendid view of the pond. 

Tonight I am heading to a birthday party for my friend's son and then visiting another friend and watching Ghostbusters! Tomorrow we have dinner with friends out in downtown Raleigh for my birthday and I can't wait. 

What are you guys up to this weekend? Anything scary or ghoulish?

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5 comments on "Happy Hallows Eve"
  1. What you are doing with NAMI is so important and amazing! So cool you get the opportunity to go before law makers!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I love Goodberry's! And I am so proud of you from NAMI. Hope your birthday is fabulous! xo

  3. That custard sounds so good. Love pistachio. Hope you are having an amazing birthday!

  4. Ohh I want to try that custard! Congrats on your being honored!


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