Suddenly I am a Procrastinator

This revelation really just hit me yesterday as I was readying for book club. It was almost noon and I had a house full of people coming over last night and I had a house barren of food.  And a messy kitchen. And errands to run. And I realized that I somehow managed to catch up on three DVR'd shows before panic hit. 

I have never been this person. Well, I suppose in certain areas I may be. But usually I am the annoying planner. I like details and I like having things done and when I don't I delve into a mess. 

Yet, I am supposed to have organized my pictures from Europe and sent them out to family. Then I have started to every night for a week and I get about 200 or so done and then a good book and a bath just seem to be a better idea. And then, I mean, doesn't a hot bath make everyone sleepy? And I am no different and can get done tomorrow. And by tomorrow I mean last Thursday. Oops But sometimes you just want to have a glass of wine and watch the voice?

Even when we were in Italy, procrastination with packing creeped in. Our last night there, I was adamant that we pack before doing anything. I kid you not, recurring dreams of not packed bags have literally been happening for months. having to leave everything there or not catching our flight and our last night there, the mister and Tuscan wine and gelato beckoned. And my insides were a literal mess. All I could think about was getting it done and that the nightmares were actually happening. He told me to calm down and that we had one last night to enjoy it. We could just stay up and get it done. We had time. 

I think I took his advice to heart because I am writing this mornings post at 8:30 am as I watch Chicago Fire. We have time...right honey;)

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5 comments on "Suddenly I am a Procrastinator"
  1. I am the worlds best procrastinator and unfortunately, that is how I get my best work done. I put off most everything in my personal life but am super organized in my professional one.....go figure! We are leaving for Boston tomorrow and I have like 18 loads of laundry to get through tonight. Guess I will be packing some damp articles of clothing in the morning - #sorryimnotsorry

  2. I would procrastinate packing to leave Italy in an attempt to be late and have to stay! I feel like every night lately needs to be a wine and bath night but no such luck. Enjoy it when you can!

  3. You are multi-tasking! I would have definitely procrastinated on the packing in Italy!

  4. Chicago Fire, coincidentally, is one of the DVR shows I have backlogged right now! haha

  5. i would have procrastinated in italy too! that place is so gorgeous!

    thanks for linking up!


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