Thirty Six Divided By Two

Eeek. I turn 36 this Saturday and for the first time in a long time...the number is bothering me. Turning 30 never bothered me. I actually embraced the heck out of it.  29 and 31 weren't numbers I was overly fond of. I remember turning 29 with the fleeting feeling of "Next year I am 30, I only have one year left to figure life out" And then at 31 the thought of "Oh, ship...I am officially in my 30's" But I still wouldn't really say that either truly bugged me. And it also helped that I learned I would never have life figured out.

36 though...that number and being childless is taking a toll, more than I would like it to. But, I have too many other amazing things in life at this point to let that wreck me. I will probably whine over some wine this weekend and then get the H over it. After all...I still on look 28. So I win. 

But for today's link up about the facts of me...I have 18 as that is half my lovely age. The age when I thought I knew everything. and now realize I know less than I ever care to admit;) 

1) I am a redhead. at least I was born that way. Now...I have no idea;)

2) Nerds cereal was my absolute favorite growing up. The two flavors in one box? Stop it. 

3) I read about 8-10 books a week. Being a nanny helps with this, they nap...I read. 

4) I think that the countryside of Virginia (and the Blue Ridge Mountains in particular) is the most majestic and scenic place in the country. 

5) I am pretty much a meatarian. You can have your veggies. Give me meat. 

6) My cocktail recipes come to me at the most random moments and so I have an entire section of notes on my phone in case I forget my idea. 

7) Swimming is one of my absolute favorite things to do on earth. Best exercise ever. 

8) I am allergic to the most annoying things in the world. And sometimes I want to eat the stuff anyways and accept the consequences. It all looks so delicious!

9) I talk a lot when I am nervous. A lot. I usually want to shut up. So if I am annoying you, guess what... I am probably annoying myself too. 

10) I would probably break my neck if I tried to ride a bike. I am not joking. Yes, I learned when I was, that doesn't help me now. 

11) I think that quality friendships are just my cup of tea. I love people that I get and that get me. 

12) I abhor rude people. and I will probably let you know if you are. 

13) When Wiki and I were able to take my grandfather to see the Cubs play at Wrigley for his 80th birthday...a place he never thought he would go, never has a moment truly meant more to me. 

14) I adore my in laws. and I usually cry when they leave after their visit. I got lucky. and I am so glad that he feels the same way about my family. Our parents are just awesome. Makes marriage so much easier!

15) We travel about 36 weekends a year. We don't have kids so why the heck not. And some of my favorite trips are the small, quaint towns that most people don't visit on purpose. 

16) I like the water in my shower or bath PIPING hot. Like... I have to bobble for a few minutes to even sit/stand in it. 

17) A perfect night for me is something that involves bacon and bourbon. A bonfire. and probably not s'mores. K...I hate s'mores. I know. You guys probably think I am un American..

18) My faith is everything to me. Jesus is just my Jam. Not always the biggest fan of some of His followers, but that's another story. 

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15 comments on "Thirty Six Divided By Two"
  1. Lady!! You are my new favorite person. I literally nodded my head along to so many of these things!!! And you're right--you still look 28 so you win at life! Enjoy the wine this weekend and try not to let the number bother you! You're only as old as you feel!

  2. I love my in-laws, too (parents and the sisters)! I always say how incredibly lucky I am to love them. And my husband loves my parents too (my parents arent as lively as his are, but they have a great relationship). It definitely makes marriage easier! 8-10 books a week?? Well done! I dont think I get through that many in a month despite loving to read! haha

  3. Y'all definitely got lucky with both of you having amazing parents! Win-win! And I'm super jealous that you have the time to read so many books! I crave books and read in my spare time, but to get through more than one or two a week would be amazing! Reading while in a nice hot bath sounds glorious right now. Too bad it's 8 in the morning...*sigh*. Visiting from the Blogtober linkup! :)


  4. I LOVE super hot showers! I can't take warm ones anymore. Just not good enough. lol! I had no idea that there was Nerd cereal. Man, I missed out!!

  5. Oh my gosh that photo is beautiful! I've never been to Virginia, but looks so pretty!

  6. Happy early birthday!! I never saw any Nerd cereal, I feel like i've been deprived. I'm allergic to everything too! I can only use Dreft detergent and can only use Zest body wash in Aloe, how boring. I hope your having a great day!

  7. You are lucky as hell to have good inlaws.

    I wish I could swim for free year round. It's great for you.

    Remember aging is always better than the alternative! I hope you have a fabulous birthday week.

    YES - meatatarian here too.

  8. I've never had nerds cereal and now I feel seriously deprived!

  9. I miss nerds they were so good. I adore you. Hope you have the most amazing birthday ever! You deserve it. May all the bacon and bourbon be yours!

  10. Nerds Cereal! I've never even heard of it! I would for sure pick up a box! I love my showers piping hot too! Its the best! Happy Blogtober!

  11. I did not realise you could get Nerd cereal. I love the Nerd sweets you get. This is crazy! The UK misses so much! I am very much the same with my water for showers. When I finish I come out so red and looking like a prune (apparently its bad for your skin, eek!) Great post :D
    Stopping by from Helene's link up:

  12. ha ha…piping hot water is the only way to go. Agreed: You still look 28 so keep up whatever you're doing!

  13. You look awesome! I'm with you on the Blue Ridge Mountains. Also, I'm with you on talking when nervous. I get on my own nerves rambling but I literally can't stop. Silence makes me so uncomfortable. xo

  14. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  15. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed this post. I love the 36 weekends of travel. Nice. I had my first child at 37. It does change things. He will be 9 this year...


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