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This week I was able to attend a class at the new location of Orangetheory in Chapel Hill. I was slightly nervous going into this session because I really have only swam in the last two years. Working out can be intimidating. 

As I came upon the location the first thing I noticed is that it is not overtly large. And then upon listening to what they are all about...the size made sense. I was greeted warmly by staff members who took the time to explain how the session would play out and to go over how the heart monitor would work. 

The class has a row machines in the back and a row of treadmills of front, there were a few spin cycles and then to the side was a strength area. I was not sure how I would really be able to maintain working out for a straight 60 minutes when I hadn't in so long...

and it kicked my the best way possible! I never felt pressured to go out of my comfort zone or work out to a speed my body wasn't prepared for. The trainer in the class was so gregarious and he also went over each new step clearly. I felt like I was working out with a bunch of friends and it made the class go by so much faster. 

This is the science behind the workout taken directly from their webpage. 

"The physiological theory behind the Orangetheory workout is known as “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption,” or EPOC. By providing you with a heart-rate monitor and POD, we can monitor your 5-zone interval training sessions that we call the Orange 60. During the 60-minute workout, you will perform multiple intervals designed to produce 12 to 20 minutes of training at 84% or higher of your maximum heart rate, which translates to Zones 4/5. This program design produces workout "afterburn" effect, which is an increased metabolic rate for 24 to 36 hours after the workout. When combing the amazing workout with EPOC, our clients burn an average of 500 to 1200 calories.
The Orangetheory workout will produce increased muscle Endurance, Strength and Power and if desired, tremendous weight loss. With energetic music, a talented group of fitness coaches and a high-energy studio, you have the recipe for a workout that produces BIG and LASTING results."

Tomorrow is their grand opening party and all are welcome to attend. They will have beverages and plenty of food and they will have lots of fun giveaways. 

Head on out to Chapel Hill and give Orangetheory a try, your first class is absolutely free so you have nothing to lose...but weight! Or if that isn't your goal, gaining strength and endurance is just as good of a reason to go!

You can follow along with them on their twitter and facebook pages!
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