Lucca, Italy

This spot was not one that was planned and I cannot even parlay how glad I am that the decision was made to make the trek here for the day. During our time in Tuscany, we stayed at the Inn my husband's family own in Grannola. It is about a half hour to forty five minute drive to Lucca and this particular day it was a light drizzle and we decided to pull out our umbrellas and head down the autostrada. 

Lucca is another medieval walled city and is very much a walking city and is quite easy to navigate your way around. Once again I was completely entranced by the enchantment of the alleyways and cobblestone streets. And I cannot mention enough how friendly everyone in this charming city was.

Now, I will just let my photos do the talking. If only they could do justice!

3 comments on "Lucca, Italy"
  1. I seriously need to get over to Italy. Those ceilings are amazing. i love the cobblestone streets too!

  2. So beautiful - even on a rainy day!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. We have not met. Glad to find your blog. I love that green door.


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