I Smell 40 Breathing Down My Neck

But for just today, I am still officially closer in age to the big 3-0. And to anyone in their 20's who may fear that number. Let me take a moment to assure you that I have never loved life more unabashedly than I have during this decade. Even the moments that were filled with despair, I know myself now and I never truly got me before.

I have always been somewhat offended by people continuously telling me how 'Young' I look. Being carded at movies. Going to dinner with friends who were years younger and being the only one asked for ID. People would always laugh and say how one day I would appreciate it...

Let me take a moment for a declaration...

That day has arrived. Tell me I appear young. ID me when I buy sudafed. See if I care. More so like you will be my new favorite. True story, everyone was right; one day I would crave being mistaken for younger than I am, that day is today.

I think that 35 definitely looks different than I had pictured growing up. I was under the assumption I would be a mom of 5 kids or maybe 4 and the belly full with the 5th. Obviously, not the case. While this past year has been one of the hardest, I think I can safely say it was one of the best and most fulfilling. I have finally come to realize and understand what it encompasses to love your life. I may yearn for other realities, but embracing the one that is mine...has made it that much more worthwhile. 

When Wiki turned 35 in June, I wrote my 35 favorite things about him. So, in honor of tomorrow, I will write about 35 memorable moments in mine. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. But each moment helped to build who I am now. (you should know I got tired at 17 so the other 18 will be on Monday, who knows, maybe I will make a memorable moment to add this weekend;)

(in absolutely no particular order of importance) and enjoy the pictures of my life sprinkles throughout.

1) My first ESPN job. college basketball game on ESPN 2. It was Hampton vs Norfolk St. Gus Johnson and Dan Bonner were the commentators, I was the stage manger and I had been 16 for all of 2 weeks. It was a done deal what career I would pursue from that.
Yes, Suspenders. 
2) Summer camp trips to Hastings, MI. Camp Michawana and getting there on a 14 hour bus ride from Virginia. 4 years I went and it is still some of the most fun I ever had. Church camp rocks, my people.

3) Feb 2001, April 2002, May 2007 & Jan 2013 The days that Isaiah, Elijah, Titus and Loretta were born. (plus, a day in either late December 2013/early Jan 2014) the days I was made an aunt. Over and over.
Miss Loretta, love that girl and her chubalub self.

4) My dad teaching me to drive. including the time I ummmm. thought I put the car in park and when we got out it rolled over the bump. or the time I ran his jeep into our tree. I still haven't won a driver of the year award. Oh, well. Own your inadequacies.
The daddio and I on a sailing adventure in Yorktown.

5) Feb 2011. How one phone call literally changed my life. it all started here.
you want a crazy, how they met story, probably like one you have never heard before. read it.
6) August 11th 1994. I died. Just for less than a minute. But for reals, y'all. and I still have brain damage from it. No, my personality isn't it.

7) The many, many trips my mom and I took. and probably the biggest memory is the 'Gween witeaid' Yes, you had to be there. Wine trips. NYC and the Naked Cowboy. The play Contact. the one we didn't realize was all about 'sexual contact" I think I had to go to the bathroom roughly 36 times that night. My cheeks still burn at the memory. and after was the first time I ever witnessed my mother drink an alcoholic beverage. yea.
Da Mamma & I last NYE

8) August 1999, July 2008, August 2007, May 2010. The days I gained not only sister in laws, but real friends. Oh, how blessed and beyond lucky I am for these girls and my relationships. My heart loves them so. They fill me with joy. and laughter.

9) The many nights I spent at my grandparents. So many weekend nights as a teenager I preferred their company to going out. There is still nothing more than that to make me appreciate the simple things in life. and let's not pretend, her biscuits and macaroni played a small factor.
My grandparents and my adorable nephews!

10) My tenth birthday when I was a princess for my Halloween and my mom took me to the mall to get my ears pierced. Baller status.

11) The day I hit the 91lb weight loss mark. hard work realized. and new wardrobe found.
about that....

12) Harry Potter World with Theresa. Oh, my gosh. I was 31 and loving every single second. Guess who is going back soon!

13) Feb 28th, 1999. The day my aunt Kim passed away. She was 31. She died of a heart arrhythmia in her sleep. It was one of the worst days of my life and it didn't prepare me for Dec 5th 2006 when my cousin Jeremy would also pass away. at the even younger age of 24. My heart hurts from the moments missed. 

14) June 28th 2003. The day I became a Mrs. What a road it has been. 10 years and just the two of us. Our relationship has taught me everything I love and absolutely do not like about myself. and I still learn every day.

15)The farm growing up. The lowgrounds. Finding new spots every day to make my own playground. My three brothers and I. How I desperately wanted a sister and how I am so glad I got what I got. 
Farm Life. Tractors in the front yard.

16) my first trip to NYC, I was 16 and so enchanted, It began my love affair with the city I know better than the one I live in now. I may be a country girl at heart, but my spirit loves the city.
walking near Chelsea last year.

17) August 1992, when I chose to make my beliefs an action. I love the Lord more than I could ever really say. In all of my struggles, the love He has for me was the one thing I never questioned, even if I sometimes wondered if he really knew what He was doing. ( He does;)

35, I am ready for you. Come and get me!

The Headband Whisperer

But seriously. I am pretty sure she is. I love headbands and hats. Almost everything to do with them. But I cannot even tell you how many I have purchased over the years bc they were so fabulous and I just had to have them and then I would get them and they would hate my head. Otherwise known as sadness.

But, then stepped in this lady and now, I not only love the way they look in pictures, I adore how they look on me! I get to be in the cool kids club. About damn time. And I get to to it in a fashionable way that, in case I forgot this small detail, will not even come close to breaking the bank!

I was minding my own business one day on instagram(so I suppose this actually means I was minding everyone's business, but we don't need to care about minor details) when I saw a picture of these fun headbands in my feed. I clicked on the picture and in an instant was hooked. and in ten seconds...I was a customer. Who knew I would buy more things on instagram than etsy last month. Strange going.

So who is this 'headband whisperer' you ask? None other than miss Jacqueline from Nora & Jac. and you can pretty much custom request what ever floats your fancy.

 You can do these sweet 'mommy and me' headbands, I ordered matching ASU ones for my bestie and her twin girls. Can't wait to see them sporting them!
 I love these different pink ones for October!
 If you follow her on Instagram you get awesome surpizes like her flash sale, from time to time. 30% off and as usual, no shipping! Be on the lookout for these, but only on her IG!
 We got the spirit, yes we do. We got the spirit, how 'bout you?! Couldn't resist with all these custom NFL headbands. You best believe I have a Patriots one! You can also get pretty much any college colors you would like, just ask her!
and, just in time for this colder weather(well, she is in Ohio and I think they got their first dusting already. I guess I should stop complaining how cold the 68' was today;) She is offering knitted cowls and earcovers. I die!

So, I want to order a set of the cowl and ear covers. I am calling for your help. I am undecided as to which color combo I want to go with... I am torn between gray/pink, gray/navy or navy/pink. Help a girl out. Which one should I do?!

So now, go do yourself a favor and shop from her store!
To follow her on instagram, click here
to follow her facebook, click here
To shop from her website, click here

The Costume Blunder

Growing up Halloween was always one of my favorite days, but not for the reason most people loved it. It meant birthday parties. as mine is the 1st, but we always had Halloween parties. Even though my mom refused to have me on All Hallows Eve and held out just till The first. and the bonus year I turned ten and was finally allowed to get my ears pierced.One day earlyyyyyyy. I think we all know what I dressed as that year. Did you guess princess? If not, what the H is wrong with you? 

But, obviously, it makes me overtly excited for today's link up with these two lovely ladies. Plus, my Wednesday was going to be barren. They helped to fill it right on up.

Helene in Between

The costumes have gone from fun and original, to the somewhat flirty(cough, cough) but I think my all time favorite was one from when I was either turning 3 or 4. My mom had completely forgotten to make me a costume(this adds to my belief that my older brother was the favorite!) and last minute her and my grandmother threw together this idea for Fred Flinstone, with roughly an hour to spare. They dyed a pillowcase orange and then shredded the bottom and used black marker for the spots. I mean, Wilma who?

But the one story that I most think of when it costumes happened about 7 years ago. Our small group from church was having a Halloween party and we had friends coming into town(for my birthyday) and decided to go all out and we would all dress up. She even scheduled a hair appt with a salon down here...

This was go big or go home. I went full on Cyndi Lauper and she was a geisha. $200 costume, complete make up and hair done. and then we were all ready for the party and were so excited. It was our first Halloween party as a married couple with some new friends. What could go wrong.

 What can go wrong is that it is a costume party where every one else goes dressed as THEMSELVES. Let's take a second to discuss the awkward level when we walked into a gathering as the only people in costume...  You know what happens? You easily win prizes for best show. Ayiyi. 

Everyone was super quiet for a second bc no one really knew what to say or how to act. and then you sit there, begging for the floor to swallow you whole. and then you get a grip and realize this is a good thing. You are officially the most fun couple in the group. And then you do what must...You are Cyndi LAuper after all, own the night;)

I have no pictures of any of the previous stories, so I will do what I am good at and throw in pictures that have little to do with anything other than at some point, I wore these outfits on Halloween. 

This was from Halloween the day before I tuned 30. The previous  Halloween  I weighed 237lbs . In one year I went from a size 22 to an 8. Due to the fact that until midnight I was 29, dressing like this was perfectly acceptable. Proof that being in your 30's is better than your 20's. haha

This past year I went as a Pin up, victory curls in tow. And as you can see, people actually dressed up other than us. Small favors.

Oh, 35 you will be here next week. Everyone tell me I still look 25. Tell me now;)

Accept No Subsitutions

If you are as big a fan of A1 sauce as I am...then you understand where I am coming from today. I stumbled upon a little piece of heaven this weekend and I still am not down from my high. Nothing gets me madder than when I am eating out and I ask if they have A1 sauce and the server comes back with an impostor. Looks like A1, even almost smells the same, but it just isn't.
A1 packets!!!!! When did this happen and how do i not know about it before now?

I will never ever ever cheat on my A1. And guess what...I rarely, and I mean rarely, eat it on steak. I feel that if a steak is properly cooked and seasoned, it doesn't need A1. But my burger? Where's it at? My baked potato...I cannot even remember the last time I had one without it. French fries, yes indeedy. I could go on, but I won't.

Wiki used to think I was being ridiculous and he tried to claim "they all taste the same" The nerve, That's ok, we were at a restaurant once and they had about ten knock off versions and he decided to test me, about 6 in and all I did was look at the spoon and before I even tasted it, I excitedly proclaimed "that's my A1" needless to say...he has never questioned my undying love again. He knows better.

I will never ever ever get tired of the mountains. I always thought I was more of a beach girl, but the more time I spend in the mountains, the more they steal a piece of my heart. I just feel as if I can see God's hand print in everything when I am in the mountains. and I feel so small. Not that I don't love a good day spent at the ocean with the waves crashing...but I can never ever get tired of trekking through the mountain towns.
Our breakfast view a midst the foliage

I will never ever ever stop wishing that Wiki would curb his learning. I am used to being the smartest. and he isn't just smart, he is scary smart. he knows everything. gah. Once, quite a few years ago, a bunch of us were playing Scene It. The girls were winning and all of the sudden they came out of nowhere. They had a question to win it and I don't remember specifically but it had something to do with a silent film star from the twenties. All the guys are booing, the girls are cheering bc we can try to win this and there is no way the guys know the answer...

and I look over to their side and I spy my husband and he has this look and I just know that he knows it and I cannot believe it and I start screaming "you know it, if you know this I will never speak to you again"(haha I am just soooo fierce) and of course, he got it right and all the guys went crazy. I went into full on brat mode because I hate losing. In other news, I am very mature.

Anyways, on Saturday, it was around 1:30am, I may have had way too much of the mimosa pitcher and I wanted the light off. I ask him to come to bed and his response was. and I quote verbatim.

"did you know that the most western part of your home state is farther west than Cleveland, Detroit and Columbus"  

and because I am so sweet and loving, my verbatim response was... 

hmmmm. I will go ahead and let you all guess what it was;) hahaha

and then he just started hysterically laughing and that made me even madder. and then he had the audacity to steal the covers when he got in the bed. How rude. Good thing he is a hottie. Rawr.

But seriously, if he wins Jeopardy, I take my snarky comments allllllllllll back.

I will never ever ever stop being excited for the trips he plans. He really is the best at coming up with places to stay.  We were in this cozy cabin atop Beech Mountain. Right near this sweet little mercantile store that served all the necessities and was the location of our amazing breakfast.

                                                      The Vintage Modern Wife: Never Ever Ever Link Up

The Mountain Life

This weekend was one of my favorites in a very long time. If you pay attention to my blog or instagram, then you are aware that we travel. Way past a lot. Sometimes, it is awesome. Other times, I get over it pretty quickly. I miss my bed. I miss church. There are numerous things that I crave about stability and staying put. 

This weekend though, my favorite parts about travelling were in the forefront. We only went a few hours away. It was just the two of us. and the absolute best part about our weekend away was that we were void of any plans. at.all. Hello, amazing!

Wiki had worked the past few weekends on a project and so he was given Friday off. Last minute he told me not to make any plans and he planned a trip to the mountains. and oh, how glorious the North Carolina mountains are any time of year...but this weekend was peak foliage weekend.
This Fall loving girl had a happy heart!

We got a somewhat late start on Friday(but this is the enjoyable part about having no specific plans!) and we got to Beech Mountain just before sunset and I wish I could tell you how gorgeous it was. Beech Mountain is this sweet little town about 20 minutes away from Boone and it is the highest incorporated town east of the Mississippi
I loved these chalets built into the side of the mountain. So fun, but the road to get up there...may have terrified me!
If only pictures could ever do it justice! Right before the sunset, do beautiful!

We headed out for dinner, but first we stumbled onto this local mercantile store and stocked up on coffee, chips and champagne! We found this awesome Mexican spot and it was not only huge portions, but it was so delish!

and then the best part was heading back to our cabin and while he caught up on some sleep, I burnt candles and read some books before the big sleep in!

Saturday morning we headed out for breakfast and then set off to explore. Then Wiki pulled his usual, "let';s check this place out, we will only go for a little bit" Which then turns into a 2 mile hike while I am wearing jeans and riding boots. So yes, I looked really cute for my jaunt. and two days later...my feet still hate me. But it was really beautiful and probably worth the pain. Don't you dare ever tell the mister I said that. I will deny it!
The View from our cabin. I mean...just stop it.

So beautiful!

Then we headed to my absolute favorite small town, one of the most charming places I have ever been. Words can't really do justice, but Blowing Rock is worth the visit! I love it so very much!
The Blue Ridge parkway. Also known as the "the most scenic routes in the country" and it lives up to the hype!

The stairway to my favorite place!

And then, for the second night in a row, something amazing happened...we were done with dinner and back in our cabin by 8:30. I honestly, no exaggeration, cannot fathom the last time this happened on a vacation. We rented movies, watched the Red Sox clinch a trip to the World Series(my Boston bred hubby was ecstatic, me...not so much;) and he lit a fire, poured me a mimosa and we enjoyed doing absolutely nothing while the wind howled outside. perfect night, guys. My version of nirvana!

We woke up this morning and had a great breakfast before checking out the wooly wool festival and heading back home to Raleigh. If you are ever in North Carolina, I can never say good enough things about this area and our mountains. Get here!

Our breakfast view! So hideous.
The wooly worm festival and the races. I love me some festivals!
 and tonight  as I think on my weekend. I am glad to be home. I cherished our monthly dinner club with our friends, Thai this month, yum! and I am watching football with the mister, trying not to cry over the pats debacle to the Jets tonight. and making it all better the only way I know how...
Judge me if you must but too late, I already don't care;)

Pumpkin Caramel Cocktail

awaits you today if you head over to visit me at Colleen's blog! I am sharing one of my favorite recipes from my other blog, a pumpkin caramel affogato.

and then on my other blog today, I am bringing you a light and refreshing drink for fall that doesn't involve pumpkin or caramel. It is an autumn miracle!

Pumpkin Spice Pudding Pops

When I think back to some of my favorite parts of my childhood, many of the moments I remember fondly involve the yummy tempting summer treat of pudding pops. and I am pretty sure it was the swirl variety in particular that owned my heart. As I have gotten older, it is one treat I can't seem to let go of.
and be sure to enjoy these in October where the high was 94' like it was this day in Carolina.
The day just screamed "Fall
" or the opposite of.

If I am honest here, I should probably talk about the absolute cheat, somewhat opposite of classy ways I will make them when I get the hankering. I will take one of the pre made pudding cups and I will take a spoon and just stab it straight through the lid and freeze. So yes, I basically run my kitchen restaurant quality...

Anyways, I have a way you can make these and still keep your head held proud knowing you never had to stoop to my level(and you should know I have no regrets whatsoever) and once you have my simple version down, you can make multiple flavor combos to please your palate. and there are a few ways to make these, so be sure to check the notes section.

1 cup pumpkin spice coffee creamer
1 pkge cheesecake flavored pudding
2 cups cool whip or fresh whipping cream
1 tbsp bailey's(optional)

Make the pudding with the coffee creamer, whisk to remove all granules.(if you wanted to add baileys, this would be the time) Pop in fridge for about 5 minutes to set up and incorporate the cool whip. Pour into molds and freeze for at least 24 hrs.

Run under hot water to pop out of molds. Enjoy!

You could also use the pumpkin pudding mix and maybe the caramel coffee creamer. You could perhaps try a dash of bourbon. You may also try coconut pudding with the pumpkin creamer for a pumpkin coconut mix. Or even butterscotch for another fall combo. the options are really endless. Just get on this!

and thanks so much for the comments, texts and even the emails I received regarding yesterday's post about my fight with mental illness. You people's rock my world. Now go forth and eat.

But There Was Hope

This weekend was busy, per usual. Lots of friends and food. Which in my book, is always a good weekend. It was nice to have some time to hang out with favorites in the comfort of our own home.

And then yesterday was the 25th annual Walk for Hope to support Mental Health. This is a cause that I stand fully behind because I know first hand the devastation that mental illness brings about to those affected directly and their family/friends. I know because of the 34 years I have been alive...20 of them have been spent struggling to win against the disease. My own largest enemy was the one from within. 

11 Years ago when my husband and I were engaged, he found out about the race and not telling me what we were doing, took me there that morning while he ran the race in my honor. Over the first eight years of our marriage, I somewhat had a hold of my illness(to the naked eye, anyways) but soon it came back with vengeance and I was unable to perform the most mundane of tasks and as I have delved into a little bit before on my blog, it got to the point that it almost took my life, or what was even left of the one I had.

And so, two years ago, I was readmitted for in patient care at the psychological unit. Some of you probably refer to it as the looney bin, the crazy house, an institution. Etc, etc. But due to the fact I had visited 11 previous ones, I simply knew them all too well for what they represented themselves to me as:Hell.

You may think you have an idea, but unless you have ever spent an extended time in a unit like one of these, you have no clue. And the amount of medicines they prescribe to you while trying to find just the right "mix" is a whole other story in and of itself. 

One day I will write a 'girl interrupted post. All names and hospitals changed, but the stories I have to share will be like nothing you have ever even dreamt up. You should just know that one of them involves me calling 911...from the hospital. You can imagine how well that call went over. But in the end, I had to be removed by court order and 6 months after my release, that hospital made an appearance  on 20/20 for being closed for mistreatment of patients. and this was voted in the top 5 facilities for mental health in the county. So there's that...

We laugh about it now. and the whole mayonnaise part of the equation. Yes, that's right, I called 911 about mayonnaise. You know you are now dying for the rest of the deets. One day, people. One day;) 

But back tho the point, two years ago I made one of the most difficult and profound decisions of my life and I went back in the hospital to get help. I spent 10 days at Duke before being released back into the wilderness...not really, but the first few days out is a rather overwhelming transfer back into normalcy.

I joined a group therapy session for 2 hrs a week for 13 months and I was therapy for PTSD and bipolar for over 2 years. Extensive. Gut wrenching. heart breaking and some of the worst experiences of my life. And having finished the therapy for a few months now...

It will always be known as my miracle. My game changing decision. Getting the right treatment and therapy was so exhausting. I wanted to quit so many times, but I didn't. And I can never express my gratitude for the opportunity to partake in one of the top programs in the country. 

Soon I hope to parlay my experiences, I just struggle with putting pen to paper(or I suppose finger to keyboard;) and I want it to be right...

But in the meantime, if someone you know or you yourself is struggling with any form of mental illness, there can be light at the end of the tunnel. and not only can you survive, you can thrive.

Thanks again to my friend Jean and members of the Triangle Patriots Fan Club who walked in the race yesterday. You make a difference, I am proof.

And today's post is dedicated to on Brandon Marshall(of the Chicago Bears). I have followed his story for a few years and while we are vastly different. His troubles played out in a large audience, I was lucky enough that my illness never involved drugs, violence or any trouble with the law. But we both had our lives drastically changed by DBT therapy and he and his wife started a foundation to support mental illness, in the game last week he wore green shoes to promote awareness for mental health(last week was mental health awareness week) and was fined by the league

He then agreed to match his fine by the league and donate it to the foundation. I can say only this...Kudos to you, sir. Kudos.

and I am at a point that I am full of the one thing that always evaded me...Hope.

If you want to read my more thorough posts about mental illness or PTSD, then read these submissions from last year.

Pineapple Raspberry Mimosa

This drink is so yummy and a twist on an ordinary brunch staple. I have made so many different versions but somehow seem to fall in love with each new twist. This may scream summertime, but I fully enjoyed this regardless of it being fall. It was made better by the fact I was able to enjoy it with one of my absolute favorites in town paying me a visit from Cincy.


1 oz raspberry lemonade
1 oz pineapple juice or pineapple rum
Champagne or sparkling wine

Fill a champagne flute with the raspberry lemonade and pineapple juice. Top with the sparkling wine. Add a few berries for a little pizzazz. and then enjoy yourself. But you should probably know that these go down really, really easy.  Don't say you weren't warned.

and in case you are feigning for another drink option and one that does actually resemble fall, head over to my other blog for this yummy treat.

Linking up with Kristin Riverton Housewives Roundup, Happy Hour Friday

Bacon, Sausage & Apple Skewers

These make me think of fall. The smell emitting from my kitchen as these baked was so welcoming. Ok. I suppose I should be honest. If it has bacon it is welcoming, that's just a rule. Bacon makes everything better. Along with butter. and my other favorite...butter. My thighs hate me. My tummy loves me. I suppose it is a draw.

I adapted this recipe from one I found in the back of  sausage package, it called for dried apricots and an apricot sauce...While that sounded delicious in its own right... the apples and sausage combine to add the perfect hint of fall to your palate. And the apple cider whiskey sauce completes the marriage of autumn flavors. And it was really easy to make. if we do not count the injury from the not so friendly skewers. 

PSA alert...do not make these while your best friend is in town visiting. You will stab yourself and make a bloody mess. And you will only be able to find a candy land band aid. Guess what, I would make these again and again;) my kitchen smelled that good. 

1 package sausage links (sliced)
8 slices bacon
1 apple, cut into cubes
8 skewers

whiskey sauce
2 1/2 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp chili powder
2 tbsp dijon mustard
1 1/2 tbsp apple cider
1 tbsp whiskey

Pre cook sausage for 10 min in gently boiling water. Drain and cut into 1/2 inch slices.  Alternate the sausage and apples on the skewers, weaving the bacon back and forth in a ribbon like fashion between them. If you grill, it would be 3-4 minutes each side. Or I baked them for 15 minutes on 350 each side, basting every few minutes with the sauce.

To make sauce, in a sauce pan, dump brown sugar, chili powder and mustard and whisk on high heat, after thoroughly combined add in apple cider and whiskey( I used bourbon, I know you are all shocked) Heat through for about 2-3 minutes, stirring.

and then proceed to partake in some goodness. and if you plan to grill these, just soak the wooden skewers in water for about 30 minutes to prevent burning.

And it was that good

 I cannot believe it is already October! The whole adage about time flying faster as you get older is becoming more and more accurate. Each year seems to pass by in a mere blur. I am just glad that I am able to enjoy them as they happen, even with the less than stellar moments.

September was a bunch of grand ole times(and unfortunately a very bad moment for our family) and per usual, it was stocked full of travel. 

First up was our Labor Day trip to Richmond with one of my brothers and his wife. We had a fabulous trip and my childhood love of the city has been fully reestablished. Get to Richmond, people. 

 Brunch at Millies, The Canal Walk and the Civil War Museum
We spent the afternoon at Maymont Park, so beyond beautiful...and it is FREE!
We headed up to Boston for our niece's christening and it was beautiful. How sweet is my little chub. While we were there, his uncle passed away very unexpectedly. It was a very emotional week. Form one end of the spectrum to the other. I was just glad we were able to be up there with our family. 
I ordered a new phone case from Etsy. I am in looooove.
 Our town had a festival and my cousin's husband was the entertainment, I was able to use the time to spend with her and her sweet boys. Love 'em. 
One of the most exciting moments of my month was when I discovered that Makers Mark has pinned a few recipes from my blog and then on Sunday, I was their
brunch recipe of the week on twitter!
Went up to Virginia to spend time with my family, had a rough start as my parents had to put down our family cat, Cassie, who was 17! Lots of tears were shed, but she was in terrible pain. 
I love my parent's yard. Virginia is so beautiful! And I was able to spend the night with my grnadparents and Wiki and I took them out to eat. Was a great wknd!
 And a few months ago we randomly discovered this almond bark at Walgreens. 
Oh my word. Oh my word. It is better than I can ever describe. Ever.
 While I wait for the next divergent book. I am reading this series, I love Young Adult books. 
 We scored tickets to Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry for Friday night. Someone had given my husband this camo hat at his work sometime recently and I insisted he wear it. My Boston bred hubby obliged. I liked it with his pearl snap. Rawr;)
 Saturday morning we had brunch with some friends and then Wiki and I headed to our favorite Wine Shop for Korktoberfest and then watched some football. 
This cake from The Sugarland Bakery in Raleigh. They did such an outstanding job. It was so tasty and the rose detail was right on target. It was the most terrifying drive trying to get this to the shower. Speaking of shower, we celebrated the impending arrival of my bestie's twinsies. Can't wait to meet these sweet baby girls!

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