Accept No Subsitutions

If you are as big a fan of A1 sauce as I am...then you understand where I am coming from today. I stumbled upon a little piece of heaven this weekend and I still am not down from my high. Nothing gets me madder than when I am eating out and I ask if they have A1 sauce and the server comes back with an impostor. Looks like A1, even almost smells the same, but it just isn't.
A1 packets!!!!! When did this happen and how do i not know about it before now?

I will never ever ever cheat on my A1. And guess what...I rarely, and I mean rarely, eat it on steak. I feel that if a steak is properly cooked and seasoned, it doesn't need A1. But my burger? Where's it at? My baked potato...I cannot even remember the last time I had one without it. French fries, yes indeedy. I could go on, but I won't.

Wiki used to think I was being ridiculous and he tried to claim "they all taste the same" The nerve, That's ok, we were at a restaurant once and they had about ten knock off versions and he decided to test me, about 6 in and all I did was look at the spoon and before I even tasted it, I excitedly proclaimed "that's my A1" needless to say...he has never questioned my undying love again. He knows better.

I will never ever ever get tired of the mountains. I always thought I was more of a beach girl, but the more time I spend in the mountains, the more they steal a piece of my heart. I just feel as if I can see God's hand print in everything when I am in the mountains. and I feel so small. Not that I don't love a good day spent at the ocean with the waves crashing...but I can never ever get tired of trekking through the mountain towns.
Our breakfast view a midst the foliage

I will never ever ever stop wishing that Wiki would curb his learning. I am used to being the smartest. and he isn't just smart, he is scary smart. he knows everything. gah. Once, quite a few years ago, a bunch of us were playing Scene It. The girls were winning and all of the sudden they came out of nowhere. They had a question to win it and I don't remember specifically but it had something to do with a silent film star from the twenties. All the guys are booing, the girls are cheering bc we can try to win this and there is no way the guys know the answer...

and I look over to their side and I spy my husband and he has this look and I just know that he knows it and I cannot believe it and I start screaming "you know it, if you know this I will never speak to you again"(haha I am just soooo fierce) and of course, he got it right and all the guys went crazy. I went into full on brat mode because I hate losing. In other news, I am very mature.

Anyways, on Saturday, it was around 1:30am, I may have had way too much of the mimosa pitcher and I wanted the light off. I ask him to come to bed and his response was. and I quote verbatim.

"did you know that the most western part of your home state is farther west than Cleveland, Detroit and Columbus"  

and because I am so sweet and loving, my verbatim response was... 

hmmmm. I will go ahead and let you all guess what it was;) hahaha

and then he just started hysterically laughing and that made me even madder. and then he had the audacity to steal the covers when he got in the bed. How rude. Good thing he is a hottie. Rawr.

But seriously, if he wins Jeopardy, I take my snarky comments allllllllllll back.

I will never ever ever stop being excited for the trips he plans. He really is the best at coming up with places to stay.  We were in this cozy cabin atop Beech Mountain. Right near this sweet little mercantile store that served all the necessities and was the location of our amazing breakfast.

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4 comments on "Accept No Subsitutions"
  1. Well then he can plan out our trip...cause it needs to be awesome too ;)

  2. A-1 is the king. There is no other steak sauce.

  3. I didn't know they sold A-1 in packets!! Smart will always be a good thing! ;) Hiking and the mountains are my happy place! Feeds the soul!

  4. Haha that's funny! I'm with you A1 maybe it's a midwest thing?


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