The Mountain Life

This weekend was one of my favorites in a very long time. If you pay attention to my blog or instagram, then you are aware that we travel. Way past a lot. Sometimes, it is awesome. Other times, I get over it pretty quickly. I miss my bed. I miss church. There are numerous things that I crave about stability and staying put. 

This weekend though, my favorite parts about travelling were in the forefront. We only went a few hours away. It was just the two of us. and the absolute best part about our weekend away was that we were void of any plans. at.all. Hello, amazing!

Wiki had worked the past few weekends on a project and so he was given Friday off. Last minute he told me not to make any plans and he planned a trip to the mountains. and oh, how glorious the North Carolina mountains are any time of year...but this weekend was peak foliage weekend.
This Fall loving girl had a happy heart!

We got a somewhat late start on Friday(but this is the enjoyable part about having no specific plans!) and we got to Beech Mountain just before sunset and I wish I could tell you how gorgeous it was. Beech Mountain is this sweet little town about 20 minutes away from Boone and it is the highest incorporated town east of the Mississippi
I loved these chalets built into the side of the mountain. So fun, but the road to get up there...may have terrified me!
If only pictures could ever do it justice! Right before the sunset, do beautiful!

We headed out for dinner, but first we stumbled onto this local mercantile store and stocked up on coffee, chips and champagne! We found this awesome Mexican spot and it was not only huge portions, but it was so delish!

and then the best part was heading back to our cabin and while he caught up on some sleep, I burnt candles and read some books before the big sleep in!

Saturday morning we headed out for breakfast and then set off to explore. Then Wiki pulled his usual, "let';s check this place out, we will only go for a little bit" Which then turns into a 2 mile hike while I am wearing jeans and riding boots. So yes, I looked really cute for my jaunt. and two days feet still hate me. But it was really beautiful and probably worth the pain. Don't you dare ever tell the mister I said that. I will deny it!
The View from our cabin. I mean...just stop it.

So beautiful!

Then we headed to my absolute favorite small town, one of the most charming places I have ever been. Words can't really do justice, but Blowing Rock is worth the visit! I love it so very much!
The Blue Ridge parkway. Also known as the "the most scenic routes in the country" and it lives up to the hype!

The stairway to my favorite place!

And then, for the second night in a row, something amazing happened...we were done with dinner and back in our cabin by 8:30. I honestly, no exaggeration, cannot fathom the last time this happened on a vacation. We rented movies, watched the Red Sox clinch a trip to the World Series(my Boston bred hubby was ecstatic, me...not so much;) and he lit a fire, poured me a mimosa and we enjoyed doing absolutely nothing while the wind howled outside. perfect night, guys. My version of nirvana!

We woke up this morning and had a great breakfast before checking out the wooly wool festival and heading back home to Raleigh. If you are ever in North Carolina, I can never say good enough things about this area and our mountains. Get here!

Our breakfast view! So hideous.
The wooly worm festival and the races. I love me some festivals!
 and tonight  as I think on my weekend. I am glad to be home. I cherished our monthly dinner club with our friends, Thai this month, yum! and I am watching football with the mister, trying not to cry over the pats debacle to the Jets tonight. and making it all better the only way I know how...
Judge me if you must but too late, I already don't care;)

6 comments on "The Mountain Life"
  1. That view from your cabin was amazing!! Sounds like a really great trip! The game was a nightmare but glad the Sox was able to pull out a win!!

  2. Those views are spectacular!!! And ummmm Redd's is my new Fall obsession right now ;)

  3. So jealous! I used to live in NC (Raleigh) and miss the "seasons" so much!!!

  4. I am so amazingly jealous right now. I can't wait to my kids are old enough I can do just run away for the weekend. I've been to SC but haven't made it up to NC yet. We lived in northwest AR for awhile and man I miss having real seasons. Glad you had an amazing weekend.

  5. I love these beautiful photos! What an amazing fall view... and I am highly amused by your witty captions!! :)

    xo, Abby @ Always, Abby


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