Pumpkin Spice Pudding Pops

When I think back to some of my favorite parts of my childhood, many of the moments I remember fondly involve the yummy tempting summer treat of pudding pops. and I am pretty sure it was the swirl variety in particular that owned my heart. As I have gotten older, it is one treat I can't seem to let go of.
and be sure to enjoy these in October where the high was 94' like it was this day in Carolina.
The day just screamed "Fall
" or the opposite of.

If I am honest here, I should probably talk about the absolute cheat, somewhat opposite of classy ways I will make them when I get the hankering. I will take one of the pre made pudding cups and I will take a spoon and just stab it straight through the lid and freeze. So yes, I basically run my kitchen restaurant quality...

Anyways, I have a way you can make these and still keep your head held proud knowing you never had to stoop to my level(and you should know I have no regrets whatsoever) and once you have my simple version down, you can make multiple flavor combos to please your palate. and there are a few ways to make these, so be sure to check the notes section.

1 cup pumpkin spice coffee creamer
1 pkge cheesecake flavored pudding
2 cups cool whip or fresh whipping cream
1 tbsp bailey's(optional)

Make the pudding with the coffee creamer, whisk to remove all granules.(if you wanted to add baileys, this would be the time) Pop in fridge for about 5 minutes to set up and incorporate the cool whip. Pour into molds and freeze for at least 24 hrs.

Run under hot water to pop out of molds. Enjoy!

You could also use the pumpkin pudding mix and maybe the caramel coffee creamer. You could perhaps try a dash of bourbon. You may also try coconut pudding with the pumpkin creamer for a pumpkin coconut mix. Or even butterscotch for another fall combo. the options are really endless. Just get on this!

and thanks so much for the comments, texts and even the emails I received regarding yesterday's post about my fight with mental illness. You people's rock my world. Now go forth and eat.

12 comments on "Pumpkin Spice Pudding Pops"
  1. I love everything about this post! The fact that you run your kitchen as restaurant quality (bahaha) and the pudding pops, of course!!! Loving the pumpkin theme this week! :)

  2. Ummm I need these in my life asap! I LOVE cool whip so I know these are so good! Glad you linked up with us!

  3. I could totally do the butterscotch version of this recipe! Yum!

  4. YUm! Will be trying these soon!

  5. omg, I haven't had a pudding pop in foreverrrr. and I love anything pumpkin so I need to make these asap... thanks for sharing! :)

    xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

  6. I'm so impressed! What time should I come over for a snack?

  7. Dear Maddie, Just stopping by from Whipped up Wednesday. These pudding pops looks and sound wonderful...fabulous idea. Blessings, your new follower, Catherine

  8. Somehow I have never had a pudding pop and I am really coming to realize just how unfortunate that is! Pretty sure I'm making these soon!

  9. Oh these look great! My name is Katie and I host Fall Into the Holidays, open Saturdays. I would love to have you link up!


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