The Costume Blunder

Growing up Halloween was always one of my favorite days, but not for the reason most people loved it. It meant birthday parties. as mine is the 1st, but we always had Halloween parties. Even though my mom refused to have me on All Hallows Eve and held out just till The first. and the bonus year I turned ten and was finally allowed to get my ears pierced.One day earlyyyyyyy. I think we all know what I dressed as that year. Did you guess princess? If not, what the H is wrong with you? 

But, obviously, it makes me overtly excited for today's link up with these two lovely ladies. Plus, my Wednesday was going to be barren. They helped to fill it right on up.

Helene in Between

The costumes have gone from fun and original, to the somewhat flirty(cough, cough) but I think my all time favorite was one from when I was either turning 3 or 4. My mom had completely forgotten to make me a costume(this adds to my belief that my older brother was the favorite!) and last minute her and my grandmother threw together this idea for Fred Flinstone, with roughly an hour to spare. They dyed a pillowcase orange and then shredded the bottom and used black marker for the spots. I mean, Wilma who?

But the one story that I most think of when it costumes happened about 7 years ago. Our small group from church was having a Halloween party and we had friends coming into town(for my birthyday) and decided to go all out and we would all dress up. She even scheduled a hair appt with a salon down here...

This was go big or go home. I went full on Cyndi Lauper and she was a geisha. $200 costume, complete make up and hair done. and then we were all ready for the party and were so excited. It was our first Halloween party as a married couple with some new friends. What could go wrong.

 What can go wrong is that it is a costume party where every one else goes dressed as THEMSELVES. Let's take a second to discuss the awkward level when we walked into a gathering as the only people in costume...  You know what happens? You easily win prizes for best show. Ayiyi. 

Everyone was super quiet for a second bc no one really knew what to say or how to act. and then you sit there, begging for the floor to swallow you whole. and then you get a grip and realize this is a good thing. You are officially the most fun couple in the group. And then you do what must...You are Cyndi LAuper after all, own the night;)

I have no pictures of any of the previous stories, so I will do what I am good at and throw in pictures that have little to do with anything other than at some point, I wore these outfits on Halloween. 

This was from Halloween the day before I tuned 30. The previous  Halloween  I weighed 237lbs . In one year I went from a size 22 to an 8. Due to the fact that until midnight I was 29, dressing like this was perfectly acceptable. Proof that being in your 30's is better than your 20's. haha

This past year I went as a Pin up, victory curls in tow. And as you can see, people actually dressed up other than us. Small favors.

Oh, 35 you will be here next week. Everyone tell me I still look 25. Tell me now;)
8 comments on "The Costume Blunder"
  1. Whoa. A 22 to an 8?!? Dang that sure is something to be proud of, and I was going to say you don't look a day over 23!

  2. awww mannn that is too funny. i would have been dressed up too! thats hilarious.

  3. You looked perfectly flirty in your costume! I would flaunt it too girl! I say you look 24 and a day! ;)

  4. Holy crap, way to rock that weight loss in epic fashion! That's a great costume.

  5. Size 22 to 8 is an amazing weight loss!!! Before I read the description I thought that Harry Potter costume was a picture of you when you were in college!

  6. Well aren't you just a sexy lil wizard?? ;)

  7. Girl you don't look a day over 23 at all. And wowzers 22 to an 8 Holy Weight Loss Batman! That's inspiration right there for sure just what I need as I start my journey.

    I have been that girl all decked out for Halloween and be the only one, but ya know that's okay. Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays, I get to act like a kid for a day, who says you have to act 31 all the time right?


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