And it was that good

 I cannot believe it is already October! The whole adage about time flying faster as you get older is becoming more and more accurate. Each year seems to pass by in a mere blur. I am just glad that I am able to enjoy them as they happen, even with the less than stellar moments.

September was a bunch of grand ole times(and unfortunately a very bad moment for our family) and per usual, it was stocked full of travel. 

First up was our Labor Day trip to Richmond with one of my brothers and his wife. We had a fabulous trip and my childhood love of the city has been fully reestablished. Get to Richmond, people. 

 Brunch at Millies, The Canal Walk and the Civil War Museum
We spent the afternoon at Maymont Park, so beyond beautiful...and it is FREE!
We headed up to Boston for our niece's christening and it was beautiful. How sweet is my little chub. While we were there, his uncle passed away very unexpectedly. It was a very emotional week. Form one end of the spectrum to the other. I was just glad we were able to be up there with our family. 
I ordered a new phone case from Etsy. I am in looooove.
 Our town had a festival and my cousin's husband was the entertainment, I was able to use the time to spend with her and her sweet boys. Love 'em. 
One of the most exciting moments of my month was when I discovered that Makers Mark has pinned a few recipes from my blog and then on Sunday, I was their
brunch recipe of the week on twitter!
Went up to Virginia to spend time with my family, had a rough start as my parents had to put down our family cat, Cassie, who was 17! Lots of tears were shed, but she was in terrible pain. 
I love my parent's yard. Virginia is so beautiful! And I was able to spend the night with my grnadparents and Wiki and I took them out to eat. Was a great wknd!
 And a few months ago we randomly discovered this almond bark at Walgreens. 
Oh my word. Oh my word. It is better than I can ever describe. Ever.
 While I wait for the next divergent book. I am reading this series, I love Young Adult books. 
 We scored tickets to Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry for Friday night. Someone had given my husband this camo hat at his work sometime recently and I insisted he wear it. My Boston bred hubby obliged. I liked it with his pearl snap. Rawr;)
 Saturday morning we had brunch with some friends and then Wiki and I headed to our favorite Wine Shop for Korktoberfest and then watched some football. 
This cake from The Sugarland Bakery in Raleigh. They did such an outstanding job. It was so tasty and the rose detail was right on target. It was the most terrifying drive trying to get this to the shower. Speaking of shower, we celebrated the impending arrival of my bestie's twinsies. Can't wait to meet these sweet baby girls!

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  1. Girl, you had a busy month!! That Korktoberfest sounds right up my alley!!

  2. That park is gorgeous!!!! And guess who is starting Divergent today?!

  3. IT looks like you had a great weekend and congrats on the Makers Mark stuff!

  4. Stopping by from the Hump Day your Mantra at the top!!

  5. Brunch is my weakness and that canal walk looks pretty!


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