The Headband Whisperer

But seriously. I am pretty sure she is. I love headbands and hats. Almost everything to do with them. But I cannot even tell you how many I have purchased over the years bc they were so fabulous and I just had to have them and then I would get them and they would hate my head. Otherwise known as sadness.

But, then stepped in this lady and now, I not only love the way they look in pictures, I adore how they look on me! I get to be in the cool kids club. About damn time. And I get to to it in a fashionable way that, in case I forgot this small detail, will not even come close to breaking the bank!

I was minding my own business one day on instagram(so I suppose this actually means I was minding everyone's business, but we don't need to care about minor details) when I saw a picture of these fun headbands in my feed. I clicked on the picture and in an instant was hooked. and in ten seconds...I was a customer. Who knew I would buy more things on instagram than etsy last month. Strange going.

So who is this 'headband whisperer' you ask? None other than miss Jacqueline from Nora & Jac. and you can pretty much custom request what ever floats your fancy.

 You can do these sweet 'mommy and me' headbands, I ordered matching ASU ones for my bestie and her twin girls. Can't wait to see them sporting them!
 I love these different pink ones for October!
 If you follow her on Instagram you get awesome surpizes like her flash sale, from time to time. 30% off and as usual, no shipping! Be on the lookout for these, but only on her IG!
 We got the spirit, yes we do. We got the spirit, how 'bout you?! Couldn't resist with all these custom NFL headbands. You best believe I have a Patriots one! You can also get pretty much any college colors you would like, just ask her!
and, just in time for this colder weather(well, she is in Ohio and I think they got their first dusting already. I guess I should stop complaining how cold the 68' was today;) She is offering knitted cowls and earcovers. I die!

So, I want to order a set of the cowl and ear covers. I am calling for your help. I am undecided as to which color combo I want to go with... I am torn between gray/pink, gray/navy or navy/pink. Help a girl out. Which one should I do?!

So now, go do yourself a favor and shop from her store!
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3 comments on "The Headband Whisperer"
  1. I love how you say, "I was minding my own business, or I was minding everyone's business"-- about instagram. That's too funny! My head is so big (just ask my mom).. I can't get used to wearing something on it.

  2. I love the knotted knit ones. To.Die.For. Now to go snuggle up to my husband so I can get me some.

  3. I don't know how I missed this when you posted it. I love Jac's headbands and I have about six of them, and of course I bought some right before getting my hair cut short. Oh well... I'm totally getting earcovers and a cowl for winter!


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