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  1. Hi Maddie, I'm Katie, Diana's (The Girl Creative) sister...the one who she posted about on FB. I just read through your stories here, and I love what you are doing. All so amazing to read, each on their own unique journey. I definitely would love to share my story if you ever need someone else to do that. God has been faithful to us, and it has really been such a growing experience where we continue to grow.

    Love what you are doing here! Those were some great bloggers you had featured!

  2. You inspire me and thank you for being brave. It has taken me a long time to realize that my mental illness isn't going to go away and I have accepted it as a part of my identity and I no longer try to hide it. I am not ashamed of it nor do I want to run from it any longer. There comes a time where enough is enough and you start to fight for your life again and see everything much more clear. I'm thankful now for all I've felt and survived. Its no longer about having to be ashamed of myself and pretend I'm "normal" for the approval of others. I just want to get to my very best and inspire others that may feel hopeless. Thank you


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