Poma Pear Fizz

My husband and I are never really big into the whole Valentine's dinner. We certainly are not anti Valentines, and since this year falls on a weekend, we probably will do something.  I tend actually look forward to it more for fun with my girlfriends.  I love to create cocktails that can be used for girl nights and this one pairs love and cocktail quite well. 

Or I think so at least. 

I had some Berzenten Pear left and while thinking up what I could make for this years day of love, I knew I wanted to work the remainder of the pear liqueur into whatever I made. It is sweet and light and once I started coming up with ideas, pomegranate came to mind.  I also liked the idea of using frozen pomegranate seeds instead of ice. Just a small touch.

The result is simple and tasty. The favors play off of each other really well and I think this is a drink that will be perfect to make for a small gathering or a big batch. 

Hopefully you guys can find a reason to drink this...sooner rather than later!

Poma Pear Fizz

3 oz pomegranate juice
1 oz pear liqueur
1/2 oz triple sec
sparkling wine
pomegranate seeds(frozen)

Put juice, pear liqueur, triple sec and ice in a shaker and shake vigorously. In a glass, place the frozen seeds and pour juice mixture over the seeds and top with champagne.

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4 comments on "Poma Pear Fizz"
  1. oooh this sounds tasty! I love any excuse to drink pomegranate juice!

  2. This sounds so amazing, too!! I've just started venturing out to try pomegranate stuff and this looks right up my alley!! I'll definitely be pinning this and hopefully sipping it some time soon!!!

  3. I think I can find a reason to make this, love the pear liqueur option.

  4. I am always scared to try drink recipes, but this sounds too darn yummy not to try! xoxo


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