Snickerdoodle & Eggnog Trifle

This weekend. Oh, my word, so glad it is over. hahaha not often that I say that, but we had one that threw me for a loop. On Friday the mister and I went shop, shop, shopping till we dropped. Or, if I am to be literal, my feet had had well past enough. 

We were looking for ideas for my husband to get me for Christmas. Mainly because I pretend like I have a say in it, but really, he is the bestest gift giver and really I should just trust him. But halfway through, I was doing the walk. You know the one that is normally saved for girls wearing heels that have zero earthly idea as to how to properly walk in them. Yeah, I was in such pain that I very well could have been mistaken for bambi on ice. 

So, the mister took me to a new Mexican place & we ordered dinner for two and a margarita. Yea,so, we had left overs. Maybe there really is a first time for everything! I ordered the small margarita and I can sincerely state that due to the fact that their small looked like a pitcher...I am genuinely intrigued/horrified to see the "jumbo" size! Regardless, my feet came roaring back to life.

Then, on Saturday, I cleaned all day while the mister worked and then we watched we are the Millers and laughed. and laughed and I may still be laughing;)

Yesterday was the day from Hades and I will not bore you with details. Let's just say that it was almost a comedy of errors and we went from expletives to laughing and back because it was that ridiculous. 

anyways, to somewhat calm myself down...I decided to make a yummy dessert of some ingredients I had on hand and you could easily throw this together!

I had some snickerdoodle cookies left over from my cookie exchange party last week. When I invited Nicole she had the audacity to ask what kind to make, as if she is welcome in my house with cookies that aren't her snickerdoodles;)  I also had some eggnog ice cream and no one loves a layered trifle more than I. and thus this was born.

Crumble the cookies and put a layer in the bottom of your cup and the add a layer of ice cream followed by more cookies, then ice cream and top with crumbled cookies. Then, because I can...I added about a tbsp each of Kahlua and Bailey's and just let it melt down around the cookies and ice cream. was yum!

You can use any ice cream flavor and cookie combo with this dish. Peppermint ice cream and oreos would be bomb!

4 comments on "Snickerdoodle & Eggnog Trifle"
  1. Oh I've had those, absolutely terrible that you just have to laugh! Haha! Glad that Monday finally came for you :)

  2. We are the Miller's was hilarious! Sorry you had a rough day! Hope today is better! Are you bringing this dessert to Boston with you??? Just kidding it would probably melt but it looks so good!

  3. How amazing does this look?? My mouth is seriously watering. I need to be eating this the rest of December!

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