Decking These Halls

There are very few things I adore more than catching glimpses of everyone's decorations this time of year. Driving through different neighborhoods to see the lights. and the crazier the better. As long as they don;t live near me;)

One of the hard things with traveling this time of year is always trying to ascertain whether or not we should get tree. and every year we have given in. Not this year. Our schedule has just been to hectic and with only being in town a little over 2 weeks, we opted not to this time. *cue tears*

So, I made up for our lack of tree by making it seem as if glitter exploded around here. Gotta getcha sparkle in any way you can. Almost everything I used this year was a 75% off find from last year or the dollar section from Target this year. Work with what you can.

 I made this tray from a frame I bought at TJ Maxx and then used a folder I got from the dollar spot at Target to use as the backdrop and then found really inexpensive gold candles at Ross. The angels are one of the few things I have had for years. (but obviously I got them 90% off at Pier 1 when I did get them;)
 My mom made me these wine bottles with the joy and also the burlap Christmas tree. I just threw some ornaments I found at the dollar store in an old vase.
 I have this vase on my side table, I got these ornaments last year at Target the week after Christmas. 
75% off. Uh, duh. I love the chocolate brown glitter bulbs. My favorite.

 This is my owl section. The mister is a big fan of owls and it has worn off on me, long before they became the "it bird" these past few years. I love this canvas I got last year at Pier 1. I had completely forgotten about it and I genuinely squealed when I saw it. Along with the cute plush owl ornament and the glass owl ornament. and yeaaa, I need to put a picture in that frame
This was a stumble upon find in the clearance section of Marshalls and while it may not go along with the rest of my decorations....I can safely say that this is my absolute favorite piece I have ever found. I heart it! Just, uh. I die.
Since we didn't have a tree, I was able to take advantage of my ornament holders from pier 1. Love this deep purple glitter ball that I scooped up in michael's this year.

Ha and you thought I didn't get a tree. and you were wrong;) I found this little gem at Family Dollar of all places. and it called to me from the get go. and it worked perfectly with this placemat I grabbed at Target last year. 
These are the simple decorations I put in my half bath downstairs. I found the tin sign at World Market a few year ago, the two trees at Target and the HoHoHo at a local shop in Boston.
The wreath for my front door. Thanks again, mamma. You always outdo yourself;)

and that is the Baldy house as of now! 

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7 comments on "Decking These Halls"
  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE your Angel decorations but more importantly everything with Owls! Owls are my all time favorite! We literally have nothing Christmas-y up in our Condo and at times I feel bad but maybe next year when we are in a bigger place, right?

  2. Love all your decorations!! The purple glitter ball, and the VW van are my favorites!!

  3. That wreath is aaaaaadorable!!! And your little tree is so cute with its ornaments ;)

  4. I love all your sparkle! It's so cute. Glitter candles are my favorite, I have so many. But they leave quite a glitter trail.

  5. I Love all of your DIY!! It looks great!!!

  6. Honestly, anything burlap I love. Especially when it's wrapped around wine bottles :) Cute cute! Thanks for linking up friend

  7. I've never used an ornament holders! Yours are so pretty!


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