Homemade Peppermint Patties

This may end up being one of my favorite recipes to date. and even better, it was so simple. I am not sure about you, but I always feel like real peppermint patties can be overtly strong. And, as much as I adore peppermint, I have to be in a particular mood to enjoy them. and they usually need to be frozen. As must any chocolate I am gonna enjoy. I mean, have you had the pleasure of enjoying a frozen twix? Life altering goodness. and to this day, the only milk chocolate treat I enjoy! but moving on...

When I was in Target prepping for my little cookie madness gathering, I spied this huge bag of peppermint marshmallows. I already had a bag of miniature peppermintallows in my cart. All ready to head on home with me and take my hot cocoa to the level of what some people refer to as  (pinky raised as they drink, I'm sure;) "drinking chocolate"...but when I saw these giant ones, I took a pause and knew that they were destined for even greater purposes. Ergo, back the smaller bag went. 

and funny how great minds think alike...because Kraft had my idea already on the bag. Way to one up my inferred genius, Kraft. Rude. But I digress...

Dark chocolate turned these into a work of art. and you can use any kind you want, but I will stand firm that quality chocolate makes a quality product. So for not that much more, I used ghiradelli.  and then my Christmas cheer lollipop sticks took them to another level. But I will let you be the judge;)

12 large marshmallows
1 cup melting chips 
crushed peppermint pieces(optional)

Melt the chocolate. You can use a microwave or double broiler. All I can say is WATCH YOUR CHOCOLATE. a few seconds is the differential between perfection and scorched chocolate. and once it is burned, there is no going back!

Using a skewer, give the marshmallows a thorough dunking. Like a teenage boy throwing his crush in the pool. We are talking full immersion here. Then, before you take out, lightly tap the skewer on the edge to rid excess chocolate. 

Place on wax paper. This is when you would add the peppermint if you wanted. Let harden before slowly peeling off. You can package these in cute cellophane and give them as a sweet gift. or you can eat almost all of them yourself and beg your husband to hide them from you. and then, when you must have one, demand he give up his hiding spot, no matter the threats you leveled if he did such earlier in the night. 

If you can't find these peppermint marshmallows, regular giant ones will do. Just add a little mint extract to the chocolate, before you melt it so not to seize. and I mean a tiny drop. and then sprinkle the peppermint on top for added flavor. 


4 comments on "Homemade Peppermint Patties"
  1. Ohh yum. I saw those marshmallows are target too.

  2. I think I just found my next holiday part treat! These look delicious!

  3. LOOKS SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD! Seriously. I love mint and chocolate!

  4. omg so cute and sounds delicious! I must find peppermint marshmallows, I can't believe I've never looked for them before.


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