Town Of Bean, I Am Coming.

This week has flown by. So has this year and so I am starting to believe the whole hype about how the older you get, the quicker life goes on by. It's alright though, I still look 25. So there is that. 

We left last night for Boston. On Wednesday, as we were finishing getting ready, I asked what time he was leaving work and he told me to be ready to go around 1. I then responded that I was already prepared and I will be good to go when he 3. And then of course, we left at 5. One day I will learn to not worry about time. That day seems so far off;) 

But I am too happy about the next few weeks to allow anything to bug me. Good things are happening and here are just a few of them.

1) On our way up tonight, we decided to play the hotel stop by ear and ended up getting a great deal on a new Aloft outside of Baltimore. Have you ever used the App 'Hotels Tonight' if not, you must do so! You get a $25 deal off your first stay. This hotel on line was $112 with AAA. On the app it was $65 and then with the $25 off, we paid $49, including tax! Good start to the trip!

2) My niece turns one next week! and in that same week, I will get a new niece! I am beyond stoked and always marvel at how you find so much room in your heart to love each new one as much as the others! I often struggle with being so far away but I have in laws who try really hard to send me updates and pictures and keep us involved!

3) I get to be in Boston when the Pats are playing! I love it. One of the largest Patriots fan clubs meets every week in Raleigh, over 250 people. Don't get me wrong, it is a raging good time, just can't top being in town for games! The buzz all around makes me happy! Plus, we will be chowing down on homemade raviolis. The family made over 500 last week. All from scratch and usually I don't get to partake because I am allergic to everything, but they called and got my list, just o make me my own personal batch to enjoy!

4) I have gone running somewhat regularly lately and have lost 7lbs in the last week. I am working hard to get back to my previous size. I have so many clothes in my closet that I have never really worn because I gained the weight really quickly from the medicine. Here's to not resting on my laurels and demanding of myself to get back to where I am most happy.

5) I get to see Kerry! Woo hoo! I have been looking forward to this since our first meeting this summer. She is no longer just my blogger friend, but someone that I genuinely look forward to spending time with in person. That is the best part about the blogging community, making legitimate friendships! Prepare though girl... we will have beverages and it will be late, my accent will be out in full force. Tony may need to come again just to be an interpreter;) and thanks for the blogging award, can't wait to answer all your questions on Monday!
5 comments on "Town Of Bean, I Am Coming."
  1. What a great deal on the hotel!! Your niece is so cute! That is a lot of Ravioli!! So excited!! I have a feeling we are going to get in trouble!! Tony is totally invited to come! :)

  2. Aww Kerry is so sweet, y'all have fun! I have never had Hotels Tonight work out for me but that's great it did for you! Aloft Hotels look so pretty!

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