Big Kid Christmas

So, if there is one upside to having no kids right is that I get to make it about me. me. me.  my nieces and nephews.

I loved Christmas as a kid and have some great memories and the traditions. oh, the traditions.
So...about that. My main question with this photo is the random leg kick?
 I choose to ignore the whole flute playing part

The weeks leading up to it were always full of get togethers. We would host a huge one, and it would always end in game night. Usually scategories or pictionary. and it was no 'this is all fun and games' it was full on ruthless and I loved every second. I will still participate in any reindeer games that are happening. So invite me.

Then we would go to the mall and sit on Santa's lap and then listen to the singing bears. That was usually my favorite part about Christmas, all of the grandkids went together. Now, I still look for the singing bears and when they are not there, my inner child cries!!!! I want caroling bears! Where in the H are the bears. Dear Mall, you suck now. blah.

Santa...Seeeeee, I know him!
We would always go to the Living Christmas tree at church, which is on level with professional musicals and I was always excited because my favorite teacher was in the 'star' of the tree. and when Mary & Joseph would sing to baby Jesus.

On Christmas Eve we would go to friends of my parents and have a big dinner and then we would all pile in a few cars and head out to different neighborhoods to check out their lights. 

Then we would come home and we were allowed to unwrap one gift and then head to bed.

Where my older brother and I never lasted past 4 am and we would go downstairs(or upstairs or down the hall depending upon which of the 11 houses I lived looked like;) and always, laid out on the sofa was our goodies! Our 'big' gifts were always put together and front and center! 

and no, Santa DOES NOT wrap presents. If yours were wrapped it is because your parents paid extra to the elves. Mine never opted for that choice.

We would be giddy and screaming and go wake our parents up and they would always ask to wait till 7 and...yeah right. I am 35 now and we still do gifts by 6 am. One year my mom had to sleep in one of my younger brother's rooms so he wouldn't wake up before 2. ha
Da Mamma legit made and sold these sweat shirts and made us wear them. How exactly did Landon Bail out?

My mom would always make a huge breakfast and then we would have watergate cake for Jesus to celebrate His birthday and we would sing songs. This is still one of my favorite things to do, even now. When we visit my hubs family I cook the cake and honor the tradition.

The best part of Christmas day was heading to my grandparents for lunch and gifts. and the best part about the get together is the end and the wrapping paper fight. Every year, and it is always the adults that start it. You take wrapping paper and ball it up as tight as possible and then just start throwing. It is an absolute free for all. Oh, you are five and in the way, sorry bout it;) and I love it!!!!
You can see my dad slowly opening, planning and then my cousin, ducking and ready.

Hahahaah this picture says it all.
Now that every other year I head to Boston, I have been delighted to take on a few of my husband's traditions and since I never did them when I was younger and so I am soaking them up from the vantage point of a kid, albeit a bigger one!

My two favorites are the Feast of The Seven Fish on Christmas Eve, it is a huge Italian get together with the whole family. and then we head to midnight mass.

and my second favorite is Le Befana! It takes place on Jan 5th, the eve of the Epiphany and you get a small gift and eat again. This is the end of the 12 days of Christmas and the origin of the song. I never realized it was after and not before till I married Wiki. I get so excited every time and squeal with delight! because squealing with delight is straight childish. and I dig it.


This year we are hosting our own version! and I plan to not dress up as Befana herself. Actually, maybe I will dress up as a witch next year for Halloween and when anyone calls me a witch I will yell at them to call me Befana. Yes. yes, I shall.

What makes you feel like a kid again at the Holidays?

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  1. We were separated at birth!!! I played the flute too. That is awesome that the gifts were all put together. My Dad always forgot the batteries which would have been averted if he put it together! ;) That tree is actually in a church??? That is awesome! Love all the pics, girl!

  2. sooo fun! thanks so much for linking up! i love big family get togethers!

  3. Love awesome Christmas traditions...and all I have to say, if you plaid the flute for me, I'd be doing happy leg kicks too ;)

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