These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

So, did you guys watch the Sound of Music last night? I actually didn't but due to the nonstop twitter and FB updates, I feel like I did. and from what I garnered, I didn't miss much. I did manage to watch Scandal though...and I may be traumatized. But as if a few night terrors would keep me from tuning in next week.

But moving on, my favorite moments over the past week.

1) Being home in Virgina and I was able to catch my sissy in laws run in the 25th annual Turkey Trot. It was frigid, but the vibe downtown was awesome. And then Rue talked Wiki into posing with mister gobble gobble.

2) My aunt and uncle were so gracious to let us stay the week at their cabin(understatement of the year) and while there, we got to help them decorate. Since we will only be home 2 weeks in December and are not doing a tree, waking up to this for 4 nights was awesome!
Loved the view each night!

The view of the tree from the second floor loft was my favorite!

My mom made these from some of our wine bottles, love the simplicity of them.

Even a 6'5 guy needs a ladder for a 12 foot tree!

Enjoying a good Malbec and some football

Playing Jacks!!

3) We headed to Bayse, Virginia and hung out with my parents at Bryce resort for a few days and we were able to sightsee. First day we headed up to Harper's Ferry, WV to get our history on. I loved this place! 

4) We drove all throughout the Shenandoah and even in the winter, the views were breathtaking. I am always proud to call Virginia my home. and every visit back makes me even more appreciative.

5) and then, as soon as we returned home, my bestie and I went to see Grinch, the musical. It was the first play of this year's season at the DPAC. Next month is Once and I am beyond stoked! 

And then, tomorrow...Duke plays FSU in the ACC Championship, in football. I am still in shock and I cannot wait! Woo hoo!

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7 comments on "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things"
  1. That cabin is gorgeous!!

    I want to see Once really bad. I bet there aren't any tickets left...but I'm going to try!

    I didn't watch Sound of Music either, but a lot of people were being kinda hateful. Is that what you thought? Or did people in your feed like it?

    I am on Season 2 of Scandal and am hooked!!!!!!!! I also saw some FB statuses talking about how they couldn't believe last night's episode. Ahhhh!!

  2. Grinch the musical...oh how I would have loved to see that..just as much as I would love to curl up next to a fire and admire your Christmas decor in person :)

  3. I love what your mom did with the wine bottles! Super unique and adorable!

  4. Wow, their cabin is so pretty!! I love their tall tree!


  5. That cabin and the tree is gorgeous! Glad you had a great time!


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