How I Fell Asleep Mid Meal

thanks to the lovely little pill some people like to call Dramamine. I am pretty sure what they actually mean is "roofie" Oh my gosh. Four full days later and I am still loopie from it. And I hate it. It makes me think of the medicine they used to give us at the know the ones, for my bipolar and all that shenanigans. and yes, shenanigans is code for cray cray.

I have never, and I mean never, been car sick before. I actually usually read in the car. Which is why the mister gets annoyed because he tries to talk to me and I am all "uh huh. that's nice. uh huh. Leave me alone, I am invested in these people's lives!" ha For this trip we were in the mountains and the trees speeding by made my stomach my arch nemesis. Wiki stopped and got me Dramamine. I have never taken it and as I am examining it, I note that it has aspartame in it. My worst possible allergy. The only one that has ever put me into anypaphylactic shock and straight to the er, so after a little digging, I discovered it was a minute amount and with all my precautions with me if I did have a reaction, I decided to try my hand at one. Mistake my friends, mistake.

Fast forward an hour later and we are having lunch with my parents when I face plopped...mid meal. It was as if someone had stuck a needle in my neck and I was out for the count. I kept falling asleep and apparently... worst news ever, snored a little bit. Lessons Wiki should have learned by now: you cannot take me anywhere. We were going all around Harper's Ferry and I could barely enjoy it(and it was awesome, my inner nerd was lovin what I was coherent enough to take in)  I then slept 15 hours that night and then another 13 the next night. Yesterday I took a 3 hour midday nap. I still feel all kinds of groggy. 

So, I drew upon one conclusion...Dramamine works wonders to keep you from being nauseated due to the simple fact you are basically unconscious and no good to anyone. All Wiki kept saying was that it was a good thing I didn't take two. He would have had to throw me over his shoulder and cart me out of the restaurant. We were driving home yesterday and he asked if it was better at all and I told him that I could have laid right down in the middle of the road on the yellow line and slept like a baby. haha

So, this is me, hoping the weird nausea was a one time thing and will leave me alone. I have a 12 hour ride to Boston coming up and I have books to tear through.

And no, before you ask like some texts I got from people...there is no baby in my belly. Damnit. Nausea is so rude, coming to visit with no baby in tow. 
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  1. It's amazing the crazy side affects some medications have. I remember when I went to pick up my medication when I had insomnia and the pharmacists told me about a women who drove 30 minutes away to an empty parking lot in her sleep. She woke up in her car with no memory of how she go there or where she was. It's a good thing you were able to sleep this Dramamine off. I've never heard of it, but I'll have to make a point to avoid it from now on.

  2. Girl, that is not good! Hope you are feeling at least well rested! Lesson learned! Oh boy!

  3. i'm going to be straight up: meds are my favorite. by no means am i a pill popper but i appreciate the effects it can have on you when you need it. whenever i hurt my back, i secretly get happy for an instant because that means i can take robaxicet. if i'm flying somewhere, that means i can take gravol (dramamine's cousin) which will knock me the fuck out and i wake up gorgeous, alert and refreshed to take on my adventures. if i get sick, bring on the cold meds. it's a party in my brain.

    that said, i hope the effects wear off so you can get shit done. but at least you know what kind of effect it has on you.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I have never taken it, my goodness what a trip! Good thing you weren't along, dang.


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