The Melon Beam

How was my weekend you ask? Well...other than I created the next big thing in the cocktail world, nothing much. You guys should probably take a moment to let this sink in. You were When it all started. or you are the only 125 or so roughly people who will ever know about this concoction b/c it is never going to become all the rage. Either way is a win-win for you;) 

Actually, my weekend was run amok by that white powdery stuff. No, not that...the other terrible white powder...Snow. We got a full inch. Which means life comes to a screeching halt and every possible bit of bread and milk that could possibly be in our midst...has gone bye bye. You think I jest. I have seen schools be canceled before one flake ever hit the ground. and more than once, the snow never even came. haha  This was exceptionally exciting after having 68' weather on Friday and a high of 28' on Saturday. Fun all around people.

My husband's family got over 30 inches of snow last weekend and the next morning they were all at Dunkin Donuts. If we got 30 inches of snow here...I still wouldn't have meandered outside. A few years ago we had a last minute storm and preparations were slightly late to the game, people had to abandon their cars and walk...and a couple hundred kids got stranded at school and had to spend the night. I think we got 5 or 6 inches. haha But in our defense, it's rare and so we just don't have the equipment.

But my favorite ever was the ice storm from 10 years ago, we were on our 3rd day of no power, we finally got out and headed to the store and a big sign that read just like this greeted us.
Priorities, people. 

Ergo, my plans to attend a favorite's party was nixed. It was too far of a drive and it ended up being completely nasty here. We saw friends for a small bit to say goodbye before they move to Philly, but we were otherwise pretty much home this weekend.  Which means... I make up drink recipes with randomness that lies around my humble abode. Sometimes they are bad...and then sometimes. Goodness happens.

So today...behold the Melon Beam. Not to be confused with either the Melon Ball nor the little death trap known as the Laser Beam(that I have never ever drank, sounds ummmm, ech?). and if you think I didn't google Melon Beam just to be sure I can get props for coining this phrase...then you don't know me at all;) 

Melon Beam
2 servings if straight up(4 if over ice)
4 oz pineapple juice
2 oz melon Liquor
2 oz jim beam
1 oz vodka
spritz of sprite

Pour all ingredients except the sprite into a shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously.  Pour into glasses and top with a spritz of sprite or over ice and give it a cherry garnish and a straw.

I did manage to fit in highlights before the snow paid us a visit and I was checking them out today. I always take a picture and look at it. I think pictures are more honest than mirrors. I normally just delete them...but then Wiki came in as I was snapping and my facial expression made me laugh.

Mainly cause my eyebrows look all kindsa crazy, but at least...I can control them(sometimes) if you know what that means then our Monday nights are the same, if not...just go with it. haha

Then we had the annual "play for Kay" game at Duke in honor of Kay Yow, the former N.C.State coach who died of cancer a few years ago.
and my sister in law who was watching the game in Boston spied the one and only, Wiki, doing his side job of scoreboard operator and sent me this picture(which looks funny b/c that isn't his hand in front of his face)
 and how could my weekend not involve bacon!

 There is a baconfest in South Fl next weekend when we are there. May not be able to get tickets though. Kevin Bacon...are you there? If you see this, let me innnnnnnn! hahahaha Yes, I am so sure;)
and a new recipe for candied bacon popcorn, created by a recipe I saw on a flight and a app I had at a restaurant. You will see this soon enough. I promise.

and to leave you with this... My mom found this picture somewhere this weekend. It is from when I was 16 and it was my first ESPN gig.
 I mean....rockin' those suspenders. Cause I don't play!

How was your weekend?

and don't forget, later today I am debuting the infertility prayer project. If you(or anyone you may know) is suffering or has ever suffered from infertility and or miscarriages, I hope that you will decide to become involved. If you want to read the back story you can click on these infertility posts and get more of the back story. Enjoy your Monday!!!

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  1. Your drink recipe looks yummy!
    {Stopping by from the link up}
    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

  2. Hi from Mingle Monday! Oh snow... how it ruins EVERYTHING like buying condoms. Sigh.

  3. Hey lady! I am here from yolo Monday. I am your newest follower. Your drink looks yummy...I must try it. Have a great day!

  4. Yummy! That drink sounds delicious!! And I love your necklace in the picture where you are talking about your eyebrows! haha. Happy Monday!

  5. Totally trying that drink recipe ASAP! And... Baconfest?!?! How could a weekend get any better?? Came over for Mingle Monday :) Newest follower!


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