Bloggy Makeover Time

I have a project about infertility I am debuting next week and wanted a new look to go with how I am feeling lately. I was nervous b/c Andrea who did my original one was such a pleasure to work with and I was unable to have her again this time for time constraints and so I searched and searched...I asked friends opinions. and I had it narrowed down to two specific designers that I liked. 

and then the decision was actually made for me, I had just joined a new blog hop and was checking some of them out and I fell in love with the design from 3 new blogs I stumbled upon...and all three had one thing in common...WTF Designs or Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. My choice was solidified and I am so, so very glad I went with her!

I had numerous ideas, and not all were easy to parlay via email. Yet every time I sent her an idea, she brought it back to me even better than I pictured it in my mind. She had so many small elements she added and she set everything up for me and had it ready to go, in the exact time frame I needed. 

I cannot recommend her enough, her design portfolio and pricing can be found here...WTF Designs. Or you can also follow along her personal blog as she relays her adventures with her husband being stationed in Germany and the journey that is soon to be baby girl WTF;) You can follow her here at

thanks again! I have been so lucky both times I jumped the gun and ventured to find blog designers.

You can't see it, but I am grinning at the finished product!
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