WIWW: 'Cation Style

I haven't done a What I Wore Wednesday in a while and I most certainly have never linked up more than one outfit, but alas...the time has come.

We are on vacation right now and my outfits are gonna readily represent my "I have no plans and I am loving it' attitude that I am sporting.

I am far from a fashion blogger, but I do enjoy playing dress up sometimes  Oh, wait...pretty much every outfit this week is gonna go more along the lines of 'dressing down' but you get what I am trying to parlay...right;) let us not care about details.

First up was my the outfit that I pulled out for the first 7 hours of our trip. I had a last minute run that may have turned into lots of minutes to the happiest place on earth: Target and I stumbled upon so many goodies. This light sweatshirt was clearanced to a little over $5. I paired it with a tank and leggings I bought from there last year and including my flippy floppies...this whole outfit was under 15 bucks. Please and thanks.

this is really the softest sweatshirt I have ever worn. 
and for our second trip that took us from the lovely and overtly charming city of Savannah, I found a sparkly tank the same trip to Target that was a whopping $2.87. Go ahead and ignore that big glare. Whoops.
after looking in the mirror and deciding I needed to perhaps...cover these puppies up. I was gonna just chuck it and wear a light sweater when the mamma in law saved the day and offered me up this jean jacket.
Ended up loving the the ensemble. Tank was under $3, leggins were $5 jewelry was free(selling stella and dot) and borrowed jacket, along with cheap flip flops and this outfit was under $12. 
As I look at this, I wonder...do I frequently make the kissy face that selfies are so...well, infamous for? I am now paranoid. 
 Anyways...I did have to dress up at least one night...

I mean...we are on vacation in Miami. 
and since I am always ahead of the game(haha)
I realized I was wearing a dress I got last year from Target's Miami collection.
I paired it with some camel colored wedges and some jewelry.
the hubs got me this dress last year for our trip to Seattle and I am not sure the full amount, but I think he paid $40 for it. and the wedges were $16

and for my final look...a comfy and bright look for our day at the beach and traipsing around the city.

I was really excited to bust out my Sperry's for the first time. 
You may not know this about me...but I came forth from the womb in stiletto's. 
I am the antithesis of comfortable in flats...but they are so cute, so I managed.
Just don't go getting used to the whole...idea.

This bag holds so much meaning. My sweet sister in law went to Thailand last year with Freedom 424. The organization is part of her church and their goal is to rescue girls from sexual slavery. One of the many jobs they are taught to provide for themselves {using other means} is to make these bags. I get more compliments on this than you can imagine, it's one of a kind and I wish my photo skills did it justice.

This look was another Target tank, I think I paid $8 for it, the cardigan is a soft, butter yellow and I got it on crazy sale and coupons from New York & Co for $11. I don't remember how much the shorts were...as I have had these things longer than Honey Boo has been alive, but probably around $15. and my new and fabulous sperry's were 75% off and I shelled out $21 for them.

Here is my outfits of the week, sorry for the jacked up selfies...but really, you should all know by now;)

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5 comments on "WIWW: 'Cation Style"
  1. I love your vacay style! I have my own vacation coming up at the end of this month and I plan of living in comfy maxi dresses :)

    Great blog, new follower
    xo Ami
    a champagne dream

  2. I love the idea behind those bags! I remember you mentioning them to me before. Is there a site that sells them for those girls?

  3. I love the idea behind those bags! I remember you mentioning them to me before. Is there a site that sells them for those girls?

  4. I love your dress and those Sperry's! I have a pair that I love and have been wearing them for the past few weeks since the weather has been warmer. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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