Another Week Goes Bye Bye

Dear Friday, I am glad to see you, we have a fun, yet low key weekend planned. High Five! Dear kitchen, you hosted a marvelous Valentine's dinner for Wiki and I last night, now if only you could muster a way to clean yourself too...that'd be fabulous. Dear weather, really?! that's all I can even say to you...

 The cow out front at Rag Apple Lassie, had so much fun visiting new wineries.
 My sis in law knows me so well! Very few people love DD more than me and she bought me this shirt. America runs on Dunkin!!!
 Stayed at the Historc Brookstown Inn in Winston Salem again. Free wine and cheese from 6-8. Woot woot! What better way to end a day of Wine hopping;)
 The Moravian cemetary in Old Salem. I am a history junkie!

 They also serve free cookies and milk. Yes, Please!
 This chocolata cheesecake pie at Ollie's bakery. Yum
My hubs whole family lives in Boston, almost 30 inches. No thanks!!!

 had my last chic fil a for the next 40 days, no fried food for Lent!
 This made me miss my niece so much!!!!
 This is in no way "classy" but it is in every was possible goodness!
For Valentine's, I decided to make my husbands favorite recipes from home. He misses Boston and his family so very much(as do I!!!) and so I had been speaking to his aunts as to how to make his Nonni's stuffed zucca. He was so happy!  I made pesto/ricotta gnocchi  stuffed zucca(zucchini) homemade meatballs and chocolate zambuca mousse.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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3 comments on "Another Week Goes Bye Bye"
  1. Ooo, I adore gnocchi and that pesto/ricotta version sounds fab!

  2. Um, I want to come get free yummy stuff with you!

  3. Ohh, I want to know how you made your V-day meal!! :)


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