Florida Here I Come

and it's ok that I packed 5 a day in advance. I like to be prepared. 

It's ok that I had to buy my own tea for the trip. How do I know if they're gonna have tazo zen. and I love my tazo.

It's ok that I packed sweaters for Florida... A couple of nights it's supposed to be in the 60's. Hello, Winter!

It's ok that I haven't had chic fil a in over a week. Right? Someone tell me yes. Tell. Me. Yes. 

It's ok that we have to wake up in 5 hours to drive and I am still not sleepy.

It's ok that I found the pictures to add for this throwback Thursday post and I am actually thinking no chic fil a (or any fried foods) was a good idea, 

It's ok I think I looked pretty hot...yup. It is;)

It's ok that I was 32 and looked 13.

For my throwback Thursday I revisit 3 years ago at one of my bestie's weddings. It was in Buffalo and it was a blast. She is pregnant with lil bit number 3 right now. And her oldest will turn 2 next week. Yes. You read that right. She is a firm believer in Irish twins;)

The things I am noticing....

My legs...come back to me.

My arms. I miss you too.

But the sadness that was in my heart...I don't miss you at all. 

The hardest part about going on my medicine 2 years ago was the weight gain. I used to be uber fat.( I can say fat cause I was, that's the rule...) and as I have said before not in the p.h.a.t. way but more so in the l.a.r.d. way. I worked my butt off(actually that's a lie, girl still got crazy booty) to lose the poundage I put on after we got married. I said goodbye to 91 pounds and I kept it off for 5 years. I have gained back almost 30. all of it after I started the medicine and 21 of it within 4 weeks of going back on it. 

I still am FAR from how overweight I was before and  am much healthier and happier than I was in these pictures. That was one of the darkest periods of my life and I always hid it behind an easy smile...but c'mon why can't a girl be happy and...thin?;)

 Stacey and I at the rehearsal dinner. I seriously look like a tween. haha
Me and my Icca, the last night she was a single lady.
all the ladies getting ready.

 pretty sure I was zonked at this point. all the wine did not help.
 obviously I was not tired at this point...and how come nobody told me 'the girls' were popping out of the top? Ummm. Not that lovely of a look. but whatevs.
 me and my girlie!
 Bridesmaids at the bar. and posing. haha
 let them have their cake and eat it too
 T and I! looking like I am about to fade;)
Introductions and the night is just gettting started.

and in this photo folder I found another picture from that week...Oh...gym, we need to be better friends again, I forgot how I loved that shirt;)

While I can say without a doubt, I prefer the look of myself in these previous pictures

   I prefer the woman who resides in my skin a helluva lot more now;)
besides...look at how fabulous my hair is now;)

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4 comments on "Florida Here I Come"
  1. Whatever you look great!!!! How did you lose 90 lbs? That's cray cray! I think I'm going to try weight watchers. Merh. But you beez lookin fab-u-lous!!!

  2. I think you look great now and your hair is awesome! And don't feel bad about packing sweaters for Florida. It's been chilly here for the past week especially in the night, although it's warming up this weekend!! I still wear scarves, boots & jackets in 60 degree weather, like a true Floridian. LOL Have fun on your trip!

  3. Great post...but who is the random 13 year old chick in all of your pictures?? Haha!....And 91 lbs?! You ARE amazing!!! And fabulous hair now is an understatement my dear ;)


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