Weekend Wrap Up: Britney's My New Bestie

As we were making our way to Florida on Friday, I was in the backseat splitting my time between books and facebook when I stumbled upon a link my friend had shared about Britney Spears' new beau and she had captioned it "if a normal guy can get Britney, then I still have a shot at Ryan Gosling" so boredom won out and as I am reading the story...bells are dinging in my head. You know those moments of  'wait a second, wait a second' and I begin reading as fast as possible and they confirm that he is from Appomattox, Va and I am all....$%@# and I texted my sister in law asking if it was indeed her cousin...and this was part of our exchange.

So...luckily for you guys now, I am not charging for my signage;) 
and then of course, I texted one of the besties...and she always puts it in perspective for me;) I mean...in my defense, I am from Virginia;)
but like I said...still winning;) and since Wiki is from Boston, obviously I can make fun as hard core as I want. and of Italians. and Lebanese and just a Northerner in general;) haha

We headed out for date night on Saturday. My dress may have been a blowin in the breeze.
Lindsay and I! One of my favorite friends in the world! So in our favor that we just so happen to vacation in their town every year. No really, we actually aren't visiting them...just randomly enough the place my in laws selected a few years ago, is the the town they relocated to!
Wiki and Dan(hitdog;) besties since 6th grade, enjoying some brews and stogies.

Obviously when on vacation you unpack your utmost essentials promptly in the freezer. and no, Brandy, they are not for one dish. hahaha gross.

But mainly we have just lounged by the pool and done a whole lot of nothing...my favorite kind of 'cation.

We are headed to my favorite beach today, Key Biscayne. More pictures throughout the week.

So what did everybody learn about my weekend? Britney and I are not even any bit closer to ever being absolute besties;)

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  1. I went to high school with girl who was her assistant for a couple years... I knew you and I were tied together in so many more ways! Haha ;)

    Wishing I was on a beach in Florida right now...

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  3. Katy Perry is as sizzling as a hot summer night (musically, motivationally, outwardly and thoughtfully). She's been everything from a Prom Queen to a Vamp-Goth to a provocative "geek". Her limited time pictures for her Teenage Dream collection truly caught her style flawlessly. Brit's vacation


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