Weekend Wrap Up: Welcome to Mee Ah Mee

Really reaching for a post title this morning;)

  haha Blame it on the fact that tonight is my first night in my own bed after 11 days. and yes, this is me boo hooing after I have been on vacation. Very wrong, I suppose...but that just doesn't change tired. haha You have no idea how the side trips my husband likes to take.

 We left Ft. Lauderdale at 10 on Friday and got home about 36 hours later. I legit feel as if I took four more mini vacations after we left. 

Since I was gone for such an extended period of time and the internet at the resort still lives in the 1990's, my weekend wrap will be more along the lines of a week and a half wrap. So prepare to be inundated with exorbitant amounts of pictures. and if you follow me on Instagram...you're already somewhat familiar.

 We got to our resort on Friday and piddled around the town and mainly just lounged by the pool and on Saturday night went out with our besties. and then on Monday we headed to our favorite beach: Key Biscayne.

 Don't I just look so happy? I hate when Wiki snaps impromptu pics of me...and it shows;)

 In the water with the lighthouse behind us. Love this beach!

the best part about this picture is that 5 minutes later, we were in the lounge chairs and Wiki thought I threw water on him...Nope, my sweets, that was just your new bird friend pooping on you. hahahahah made. my. day. We laughed and laughed.

My view for most of the day. Pretty much perfection in my book. Pun and all... 

 Love the water so clear I can see my toesies.

This place is just so quiet and serene. Love the views.

and on our way out I heard a rustling as something ran up the tree and thought it was a squirrel...or it was just a massive raccoon. Don't let me bother you, sir.

If you are ever in South Florida and have a chance I really cannot urge you to check out this beach enough. It is always rated one of the top beaches in the US. and there is a really cute cafe that you can grab lunch or drinks at. We have only ever been during the week so the weekend may be a bit busier. You can tour the lighthouse and they have these awesome 4 seater covered bikes that you can ride along the trail.

It was all fun and games till I woke up to this.
 Are you cringing just thinking about it? You should be...I almost never burn. That whole day I kept harping on Wiki "put on sunscreen, the sun is waaaaayyy stronger here" and me, I sat hidden under the umbrella and slathered in 55 spf and this was my result. Talk about pissed. and of course he put 10 spf on and his half Italian half Lebanese bum is just tan. Grrrrr.

but the best part is what you can't see...I had major zig zags across my neck/face where the umbrella flaps were. haha looks uber fabulous, just what all the ladies are after...I look like I have the Mike Tyson tattoo tan.
 Then the next two days it was frigid, you know what I mean...only 67' and so to keep warm and the hell away from that big yellow flame thrower of agony  I wore a sweatshirt and wrapped myself in a towel.

and then when I came upstairs and was in the bathroom  I walk out to Wiki playing around with my scarf. and we were joking how much more obvious his middle eastern roots are with this on, no denying them. I never had a sister to steal my stuff...who knew the eventual culprit would be a 6'5 Bostonian man.

That night my mother in law cooked and we headed to Sawgrass Mills before we hit the casinos and they bet the ponies and Momma B and I played the slots. I went in with $30 and four hours later I left with $20. Had fun and kept me entertained...all I ask for. and a million dollars.

The next night after dinner we headed into Coral Gables to watch the Duke/Miami game and then head out for drinks. While I am not a fan of the school(basically I am ambivalent) I do love that town. So pretty and awesome places to enjoy music, food and cocktails!
 Last night before heading to go home. Doesn't he look overjoyed to be taking another picture, can't you just feel the love oozing out of him;)

 The U.

 One of my favorite places to visit while there! The Biltmore Hotel. This place has an amazing bar and the pool is outrageous. Was known as being one of the largest in the country before Vegas began building them. HTe charm and history of this place make it a must see.

I have no idea what this building was, I think it may be the courthouse... just liked the architecture,

 We were both craving dessert and drinks and stumbled into the Mexican fusion cafe. Oh my word, so good!
We got the caramel crepes. I want some more. right now.

 Wiki got the spicy coconut margarita

and I tried the guava and kiwi. It was really tasty. as in, so very tasty that I may have  drank it in 3.5 seconds and then became a giggle machine. Very becoming of a 35 year old. haha ask me if I care.

So this was our annual trip with Wiki's parents to South Florida. Love exploring it every year and making memories. tomorrow I will show you our stops in St. Augustine and St. Mary's

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

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6 comments on "Weekend Wrap Up: Welcome to Mee Ah Mee"
  1. Those are the most awesome mini vacations on the way home from your vacation ever! And the bird poo...Hahahaha! Ok.. got that out. It seriously looked like an amazing time you guys had with great great (and hilarious) memories. :)

  2. It's bad enough when you get a bad sunburn due to your own stupidity, but when you're being careful, that's just WRONG.

    Tequila is not my friend, but I could change my tune for either of those margaritas!

  3. Wowee how fun!!! except for the sunburn!! Okay, Spicy Coconut Margarita what did that taste like?... looks yummy!!
    an another note I nominated your blog for the liebster award go check out my blog when you get a chance...

  4. The Spicy Coconut Margarita looks looks delicious!! Lucky you came to FL when the whether was warmer because the temp dropped drastically over the weekend :)

  5. These pictures are making me so jealous! Except for that sunburn...ouch. Looks like you guys had fun though! :)

  6. I love all the pictures! Looks like a fun trip! I must say I agree that as much fun as a vaca is I love coming home and sleeping in my own bed


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