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This is one of my favorite blog link ups brought by one of my blog addictions, Wifessionals. Kaitlyn is so genuine and sweet and I am always excitable to meet new people that I otherwise wouldn't. and this month was extra special because I was linked up with someone who also calls North Carolina home.

This month I was lucky enough to be paired up with Brooke from Bits of Brooke. I was even more over joyed when I discovered exactly how much we have in common...with the exception of one small detail. She is a Carolina girl and I am not, I am a Duke girl;) To some of you...this probably doesn't matter. However, if you have ever lived a day in these neck of the understand that it more than matters! and I am happy to say Brooke is absolutely fabulous and we each saw past the others lack of taste...choices;)

Look at all my goodies. Brooke really got a great sense of who I am and the things I enjoy! 
In my box were two warm delight brownie desserts, two flavored hot chocolate packets, a cheese dip, 2 frozen wine cocktails, buffalo and blue cheese nuts, a fun little game that she made and must have taken so much time to create and a scarf that has an aztec flair to it! 

Thanks again so much, Brooke! I can't wait to sport my scarf with a cute pair of shorts and a white t shirt and enjoy the frozen coktails after I top them with some sparkling wine!

Plus, once the summer hits...we are getting together for those cocktails!!!

If you want to see what I got Brooke, click here

Sorry for the delay to my link up, but the post office made a boo boo and sent mine back and then my phone wouldn't let me update my pictures till this morning.

I am skipping the March exchange b/c I will be out of town, but cannot wait till the April exchange to make new friends. I cannot recommend this endeavor enough, check out how to participate here

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  1. I want a margarita and a brownie all of a sudden... Gotta sign up for the next cara exchange adventure ;)


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