Friends and Food

This weekend went by really, really fast. and we did so much yet not really anything at all. That made loads of sense, huh? Blame it on that missing hour. Everyone else seems to be, I may as well jump up on that band wagon.

Friday night I made dinner and dessert and we hung out at the house and watched tv and just spent time with each other. 

I was playing around in the kitchen and making pork in the crockpot and trying to figure out what to buy at the store when I spotted these two ingredients.

it was that easy, really there is no recipe, I threw a half a cup of each sauce in the crockpot and added a cup of chicken stock and cooked on low for around 7 hours.

Wiki loves pistachio so I whipped up a pistachio and biscotti ice cream cake{recipe later this week}

On Saturday I watched Jackson for a bit and ran into some of our friends walking their dog around the neighborhood. We always talk about doing dinner, but between our crazy travel schedules never seem to be able to navigate a time. They asked when I am home again and I replied "tonight" and they went about their way, only to text me later to say "what about tonight" Finally we worked it out!
I made a sparkling strawberry cocktails and in a moment of panic, I threw together mini Irish cheesecakes  It was really in about 10 minutes of running on steam. but I did have 5 minutes to take in these beauties while I was at Target. 

There is a word for these...Mine

They served us the most delicious skirt steak with chimichurri sauce and this rice that was to die for! The company was really above par. and I mean...they have a juke their house. Bringing out the big guns!

 She made sangria too and I mean...who am I to turn it down? That'd just be rude!

Sweet, sweet Tilla...I hope Wiki didn't feed you too much!

This morning we went for brunch and walked around one of our favorite shopping centers. 

 Wiki got some coffee. Me...not so much!

 These were some of the desserts. $20 for all you can eat...and mimosas!

 The most amazing market and a chocolate shop!

This may be a give away soon! I have another meeting with the owner of this local boutique and  she may be offering up some goods! Love their stuff!

Before we decided to food shop, we needed some mid afternoon pick me ups, for us...that means vino

Perusing the aisles of Home Goods and TJ Maxx can wear you out!

and then tonight  Wiki made me one of the best steaks I have ever had. as in ever. and I have had some beyond tasty steaks. the fire alarm waking me up from my nap was apparently a good sign. It was just that good.

I don't know about you guys, but I really enjoy a slow weekend of no plans and just rolling with what comes. We rarely get those and I soak them up when I can! Next weekend I will be in one of my favorite cities, New York and partaking in culinary classes that Wiki got me for Christmas!  So I am pretty much past excitable!

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  1. ooooh my all of those look so YUMMY!!!!!

  2. So I'm drooling... between the sangria, the pistachio ice cream cake, and oh my that crockpot chicken recipe. Yum! Thanks for sharing. :) Glad to be your newest GFC follower from the hop.

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