Spring Forgot To Sprung

Dear my second favorite season, get your act together...pronto. Dear bracket, being number one was good for one day. It's all good, Carolina lost. Dear Young Adult Authors, thank goodness you were born and decided to write. I heart you. Dear Ross, thanks for coming to my rescue...once again. $90 shoes for under ten bucks. Done deal. Dear Duke BB, I can't believe the home season has come and gone again! Keep up the work and till next season...

 When I was working, I could barely concentrate from OSU's shoes.
Good Job, girls!

and all in one fell swoop.
Happies ~High 5's ~ Peaks

Hearing my brother sing the song he wrote for my grandfather (or grindaddy as I call him). "Southern Born and Bred" I may have sobbed ridiculously teared up. 

This is his wife, Ginnay nay. He wrote an awesome song for her too.

Loving half price wine night.

Loving half price martini night even a little more

Giving up fried food for Lent and actually sticking with it.

Bacon pictures from Bracco...for no reason

Library books. I would be broke if not for the library. Trust me.

Seeing The Host last night! Not my favorite movie version of a book, but I liked it!

Started the Matched series and onto the second one, Crossed. really love it so far. 
after we worked basketball last weekend, we actually went out to dinner to watch...more basketball;) and UNC lost. Oh, happy day. haha

We walked around the Tobacco Warehouse district in Durham, which has lots of restaurants, bars and an open lawn for concerts in the summer. 
It is also home to DPAC(which has awesome broadway shows and concerts) and the famous Durham Bulls.
Lucky Strike Tower.

Crappies ~ Pits

This weather. I think it hates me. If so, the feeling is most decidedly mutual.

Making 60 plus cookies and dropping them on the floor.

and smashing my favorite plate in the process. Not cool.

and then this Happy, Peak and High Five deserve a separate notice.
Today is Good Friday. and as always, when people ask me if I am 'religious', my answer is always the same, "nope, I am just the beneficiary of the most awesome grace ever dispensed and in the most important relationship of my life". Easter is more than bunnies and eggs.
but I do love me some bunnies and eggs.

Happy Easter.
and have a great weekend, whether you celebrate it or not.

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  1. Oh there is always a reason for bacon.:)

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