Easter Gathering And A Trifle

Happy Easter!

These are my favorite lyrics from Chris Tomlin.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend with their family and or friends.

We came up to Virginia to see my family. We got in just in time for dinner last night and went to La Carretta for dinner before I came home and got started on my Easter trifle.

This came out really tasty...but it didn't look as pleasing as I had hoped. haha

As I have said before...my food may not always look great, but it darn well tastes great. and really, isn't that what counts? I tell this to myself as I pour over pinterest at these picture perfect desserts. I hate those people.
This recipe can be made a plethora of ways, all about what different flavors your imagination can conjure up. If I was at my house and had my Kitchenaid handy, I would use whipping cream versus cool whip...but you make do how you can;)

1 box vanilla cake and all ingredients it calls for
2 tubs cool whip
1 pkg vanilla pudding
1 pkg cheesecake pudding
2 cups flavored coffee creamer(you choose the flavor)
food coloring

make cake mix according to directions, split into two bowls and add food coloring to each bowl. Bake and let cool. Make the pudding using the coffee creamer(I happened to use Bailey's toffee almond. if you want it to be flavored but not as intense, use one cup creamer and one cup milk) Let set up in fridge. After it is ready, split into two bowls and add cool whip and food coloring to each bowl and whisk together.

Assemble trifle by layering one layer cake and alternating pudding mixture and cake.

I had some M & M eggs on hand and added them to some "grass"

Put in fridge for at least an hour.

You could most certainly make this at anytime and not use the food coloring.

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