WIWW:T Shirt Maxi Dress

This outfit is rather simple and it was a comfortable choice for a day of basically lounging around and hanging out with Wiki. 

This is beyond soft and pretty much a tshirt maxi dress. I often times pass by stripes b/c I have this strange aversion to having my flaws seemingly swathed;) haha but admittedly I adore the bold colors of this dress. and since I am suffering from a height deficiency, it is sometimes hard to find maxi dresses that I don't trip over.

Ergo, this dress was a win win for me.

I normally pair it with flip flops but I decided to wear these wedges I scored at Kohls last year for 7 bucks and because it was in the low 60's, I felt a cardigan was in order.

and I know I was supposed to be posting two whoopie pie recipes today...and then another allergic reaction happened. It is the second one in 4 days and I am rather frustrated. I am always meticulous with watching what I eat and put into my body and I cannot figure out what is going on. So between epi pens and benydryl, whoopie pies didn't happen:( Next week though. 

and this should answer why I cut half my shoes out in this picture...I was still somewhat swollen and I don't put pictures of cankles up. You're welcome;)

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5 comments on "WIWW:T Shirt Maxi Dress"
  1. Love the colors and stripes of your dress!

  2. I'm a big fan of the maxi dress, and I LOVE the colors of this one!

  3. LOVE the maxi dress my friend! I need one..you think the excuse, "Maddie has one, so I need one." will work on Aaron??

  4. Beautiful dress, Maxi Dress to make a woman look casual, charming.


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